Thursday, September 10, 2009

Early Morning Chores

Early mornings are my most favorite time of day. Getting up early while it's still dark outside and curling up on my bed with a blanket, a cup of coffee, and my Bible is something that I look forward to with relish! There's nothing quite like spending time with the Lord first thing...
When the sun begins to touch a certain spot on the trees, usually around seven thirty, it is then time for me to head outside and take care of the critters.

Patiently waiting
While I fill water bowls (one inside and one on the back porch), talk with my family, or start a load of laundry Jasper hangs around at the back of the house waiting for breakfast. Often times he'll wind up on the porch and watch my progress through the windows of the door!

It's that time of day
After doing those few indoor things, I head out to the shop where I dish up Jasper's, Lila's, and the chickens food. Jasper continues to wait so patiently on me! :o)

Thing 1, Thing 2, and Thing 3
Out to the dog pen I head where I am greeted by (left to right) Lila, Rueger, and Buck who are all in a high state of excitement! Muddy paws, barking, wagging tails, and general excitement erupt when they see me coming!

Time for some attention
They all thoroughly enjoy getting pet and scratched! Thankfully they have calmed down enough by this time for me to do this without getting to muddy!

Across the field
All to soon it's time for me to head out to feed, water, and check on the chick-y-doos. I already have the feed bucket with me so it's a nice jaunt across the dew covered field as I listen to the crowing and other chicken noises.

Chicken greetings
They all eagerly meet me at the gate and flock around my feet as I walk over to the feeders! If I walk fast enough I can look back and see quite the string of birds following in my footsteps, but I can't look back for to long as a bird will walk right in front of me, and I don't want to step on it!

After my chores are finished I head indoors to get the day started. The early morning and all it entails is definitely my favorite part of the day. It's new and fresh just bursting with excitement and promise of a wonderful new day that is ahead of us!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for showing us part of your day. We are so happy for you. You seem to be headed on the right path to being a godly wife.

lady m said...

Dear Ashley,

I am new to your blog and must say that I sigh, contendendly, for your posts.

The early morning is also my favoriate time...The Lord and I meet in the garden.

Many blessings to your day!

lady m

Ashley said...

Hi Ashley!

What a refreshing post!! This was such an encouragement! Thank you for sharing about rising early and spending time with the Lord Jesus, first thing! Here, you have found my weakness. I find it very difficult to rise early, and with the schedule for school starting again, I am finding myself having to. It's just refreshing to know others are experiencing true joy in morning as it says in the Psalms. It makes me want to rise early and experience the same joy! Thank you!!

So you are a coffee drinker? I didn't know that. I enjoy drinking coffee whenever I can! If I had it my way, I'd probably start out my mornings with a cup, but my Mama can't stand it, and told me that if I really want to drink it, I'll have to wait until I get married, and if my husband says it's fine, then it's fine! Until then, I must remain content, but Daddy is very kind, and ocassionally he get's me some, somehow, whether it's iced, hot, or mixed with crushed ice. Always delicious! Do you find it works well in keeping you going, during the day?

I had to smile when you mentioned the "Chik-y-doos"! I just can't get over that name! I can imagine, with only one chicken, to you with many more, it would be difficult to keep them out of your way, while trying to feed them! Also, what a comical picture went through my head, when you talked about not stepping on them!!

This post was throughly enjoyed, Ashley!!!

Have a "TERRIFIC" day!!

Ellen said...

A good blanket,warm coffee and the word sound just wonderful!

Rose said...

Hi Ashley~I really enjoyed this post!I started to drink coffee after my 2nd child~not because I liked it but I needed more energy to keep up with them. All my girlfriends were drinking coffee and seemed to have so much more energy than me! Over the years I have switched to de-caf coffee and use real cream to sweeten it. I have 1 big mug full in the morning. That is when I light my scented candle and have my quiet time with the Lord. It is a special time to meet with Jesus and start off my day on the right foot. God bless you, Rose

Ashley said...

Anonymous- Thank you for your comment! It was a blessing to me!

Lady M- Thank you so much for letting me know that you enjoy my posts! That was neat for me to hear!

AshleyS- *laughing* :o) as much as I love the early mornings, it is hard for me to get up as well. I have been working towards getting up early every other day as a way to get back into this system. It's hard... and I find that I often turn my alarm off in my sleep!!! Maybe I need to put the alarm on the other side of my room!! :o)

I suppose you could classify me as a coffee drinker... I usually have one cup in the mornings (and I don't drink all of that); I'm not a huge fan of the cold coffees but maybe it's because I haven't had a really good one! Are you a coffee drinker??

Ellen- I soooo agree!!!! This is my favorite way to spend the early morning!!!

Rose- I can understand needing coffee to keep your energy level up. If I'm going to be up late at night, I'll often have a cup in the evening... I find that this keeps me awake long enough to do what needs doing!! I am by no means a night owl!!! :o)

I drink my coffee black but there are times when I sure do wish I had some cream to go with it!

Your quiet time sounds very nice and peaceful, Rose!

Sarah said...

I enjoyed this post, Ashley! It was a pleasure getting a glimpse of your morning hours as well as seeing all of the photos of your animals. It sounds like you are always greeted enthusiastically each morning!

That first photo of Jasper is so cute, and I love the photo of you with Buck, Lila and Rueger! What sweet dogs they all are. :)

You know, it was kind of funny to see this post as I, too, had been thinking of doing an 'animal chores' post on my blog (I had been trying to come up with different things to post about. :) Well, as the saying goes "Great minds think alike!" ;)

Have a terrific evening, Ashley!

Ashley said...

Depending on what you consider a coffee drinker....

If you mean drinking it reguarly...I can't really say that I am, but I probably would be one....

But, if you mean I like it, then yes, I am a coffee drinker!

I hope this makes sense!! Have a lovely evening, Ashley!! Hugs!

Ashley said...

Sarah- Hmmm... great minds must think alike!!! I cannot wait to see your animal chores post!!

Oh yes, I am always greeted so very enthusiastically in the mornings!! I simply l.o.v.e. it all! It makes the early morning so happy! :o)

Have a great day!

Ashley Sebo- Yes, I would consider you a coffee drinker, seeing how you like it!!!
~Ashley :o)