Sunday, July 22, 2007


People have canned fruits and vegetables for many many years, but yet I've never seen it done or taken part in the process. Yesterday that changed for me as Mom decided that we had to do something about the cucumbers that were accumulating in various and sundry containers in the addition!

This picture depicts what we do with freshly picked vegetables! We are beginning to wonder if they grow over night in those containers!! Maybe the squash will quit producing????? Maybe.....

Mom decided that she wanted to can both Bread & Butter pickles and Dills. Here she is getting the cucumbers and onions ready to sit with crushed ice to firm them up.

Then, she washed and sterilized the jars.

Finally, she made the brine and cooked the onion/cucumber mixture. Next she ladled the mixture into mason jars. I wiped the rims, put the lids on, and wiped the jars off.

Here the dills have been packed into jars and are awaiting their particular brine.

The Bread & Butters' waiting to be lowered into the water.

The B&Bs' had to boil 5 minutes and the Dills 10 minutes.

The Finished Product!!!! The cucumber plants are still producing so I'm sure we will be adding many more pickles to this picture before the summer is over with!

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