Sunday, July 29, 2007

Thinking of the Father Daughter Retreat

My Dad and I have attended Vision Forums' Father/ Daughter Retreat for the past two years and we have really enjoyed it! It is held at Calloway Gardens in Georgia at the most beautiful time of year~Spring!!! It's absolutely breathtaking as the azaleas are in full bloom and many other flowers and shrubs are starting to bloom!
The retreat is full of sessions on the Father/Daughter relationship which are extremely helpful, encouraging, and challenging! The highlight of the event is the High Tea that is held in place of lunch on Saturday. The girls get all dressed up in their special dresses and the Dads wear their suits or Armed Forces Uniforms. This is a special time and everyone is encouraged to make it memorable! Here are a few pictures from last year's and this years retreat!

My Dad and I at last year's retreat! This is at the High Tea!! There is PLENTY of food and you don't go hungry!!! There are scones, tea sandwiches, cream, sweet rolls, sweets, and I'm most likely forgetting something. The neat thing is that you are able to keep the tea cups that you use!! I have mine sitting up on my dresser, and I think of this special time each time I look at them.

Me ~ at last years retreat. As you can see everything is beginning to bloom and is incredibly bright and beautiful!

After the tea, you have all afternoon to explore Calloway Gardens and the first stop for most people is the Butterfly Conservatory! This building has a good sized butterfly habitat that you would enjoy spending a lot of time in. It's neat to see the different types of butterflies and to have them land on you!!

Did you know that God created some Butterflies with camouflage? This one looks like an owl's eye at first glance. Our God is an amazing God!!

Me ~ last year outside the "Azalea Bowl". Daddy and I didn't walk very far into it as we didn't have much time left. I love the colors in this picture!!
This year we had the privilege of attending the retreat with Pastor Johnny Franco and his two daughters. We had a fun-filled time driving to the retreat along with some great fellowship during the event!! Pictured with me are Bethany and Haviland! They still talk about our drive to and from the retreat.....let's just say it was a rather "wild" drive!!! I have NEVER seen two girls laugh and giggle so much at one person (that person being ME!! and I wasn't even trying to be funny!)!
My Daddy and I outside the Butterfly Conservatory. If your Dad ever asks you to attend this retreat, do it!!! Jump up and get excited at this God Given opportunity to build a better relationship with your Dad!!! You will not regret it!
I ordered the CDs from this years retreat earlier this week and I'm so anxious to go back and listen to the sessions!! It's so encouraging to see other like-minded young ladies and to know that "I'm not alone in this".

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Anonymous said...

Wow, that's neat that you get to do stuff that the Vision Forum coordinates. I noticed two such things on your site. I hope you appreciate that your family has enough money to do such things. I can barely afford to buy anything in their catalog. Be grateful for what God has blessed you with.