Friday, July 13, 2007

Starting Off.....

Let me introduce myself and tell you a little about me! My name is Ashley and I live with my family on 22 acres of planted pine, woods, and fields in South Carolina. All of us kids were born and raised 40 minutes from here in the BIG city~ Greenville, SC. As a note, my Grandpa called it "The Ant Hill" as he was from up north and was amazed that we could find our way through town and not get in a wreck!

We have always wanted to live "out in the country" and late last summer the Lord fulfilled my parents' dreams when He amazingly directed our paths to this place!!! He is good! We absolutely love it out here and are seeing many of our dreams come true!

I am the oldest in my family and have 5 younger brothers- Trevor, Tristan, Collin, Sayre, and Sawyer- their ages ranging from 21- 1 1/2. People often ask me "what's it like being the only sister among brothers?" and I have to chuckle and grin because I'm thinking "well, what's it like living with girls??!". I often respond to their question "Well, it's pretty fun! There's never a dull moment!" They are all good guys and enjoy being with them!!

I love the simple life. I enjoy being with my two dogs, Jasper & Lila (who are both of a questionable background), working in my garden, reading, playing the piano or my French Horn, and in general having fun.

I hope to post some things that have been of enjoyment to me this summer or maybe projects that I'm working on at the moment. For now, I must sign off and go pick seed pods off my marigolds!!! Enjoy your day!

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