Sunday, July 29, 2007


The past week has been one of those weeks where I begin a project that I plan on getting done by the end of the week, but then I'm needed to do other things. I was also planning on not posting until I got the project done and I could show you what I had been up to, but that will have to wait. Instead I'll post some pictures taken over the past week or so!! Enjoy!

"Would you like a green bean Sissy?"

"A Baby!!" (note: Sawyer calls camera phones and cameras "babies" as he has seen pictures of babies on them)

He wasn't to sure what to think of raw green beans!!!

"A Boy & His Dog"~ Gus followed Tristan and the tractor home one day and has been here ever since! He is the sweetest little dog that we've ever encountered!! He and Sayre pal around; they go fishing, on canoe rides, and tramps through the woods together. It's sweet to see.
Sayre & Sawyer~ I asked Sayre to watch Sawyer while I ran in for the camera, and this is what I came back to!! Sayre had given Sawyer some orange pop and they were goofing off with it!
A absorbed Tristan. This is a normal "chair" for him to sit it.

My dog, Jasper. Take a good look and tell me what you see! I did not take this intentionally!! The bird flew into the picture right as I was taking it!!

"Farmer Collin"~ he would roll his eyes if he knew that I called him that. He really is our "farmer" as he's the one that picks all the vegetables or asks us if we're ready to can tomato's! He has also worked really hard at "de-weeding" the garden.

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