Monday, July 16, 2007

Gift Giving

This past June my family and I were up in the Jamestown, Williamsburg, Yorktown (Virginia) triangle to take part in a week long celebration of the 400th anniversary of the founding of Jamestown that was coordinated by Vision Forum. It was an eye opening time as we learned about God's providence in many of the "firsts" of our country. While we were there, some friends of ours (who were also attending the celebration) took us to the HUGE Yankee Candle store somewhere in the vicinity. Actually, let me rephrase that~ the LADIES went to the Yankee Candle store!! Of Course I had to buy some samplers for my "consumption" and a few extras for friends! Pictured above and below is how I packaged them up for my friends. I was quite pleased with the results!!

I didn't just want to hand them to my friends with a "here you go"~ I wanted to get creative for a change!!! I finally decided on mailing the gifts, even though they live 20 minutes away from us. I know how much I enjoy getting gifts or even letters in the mail, so I thought this would be special for them too!!! I "wadded up" a half sheet of tissue paper and put it as the background in a cello bag. Then I arranged the candles to my satisfaction, and secured the top with raffia. I also wrapped up 2 half bars of soap that I make (our family business is handcrafted soap and sundries) in red gingham tissue paper. I included a note letting my friend know that I had been thinking of her, affixed the address, and sealed the box. It was so much fun thinking about her as I packaged her gift!

Sawyer was "spending time with sissy" as Momma was out grocery shopping today (believe me, it's an all day affair!) and he had fun puttering around as I made two batches of soap and did various and sundry other things out in "The Shoppe". Here he looks as if he is ready to make a run to the Post Office for me!

I sent out a box to one friend last week and I was so tickled at her gift in turn (which I wasn't expecting at all!). Right after she received my "box of goodies" she went and baked some special treats and made this card for me! THEN, she called my brother to stop by her house on the way home and pick up MY gift. I was so touched when I saw what she had fixed for me....... She spent TIME (which she doesn't necessarily have a lot of anymore) fixing those goodies for me! Adah, Thank You!!!

This picture and the one before it are of the card that Adah made for me! I need to get some of that paper!
I really do enjoy giving gifts! I give them because I know it's going to make somebody's day and make them feel loved. You never know how much your gift, even if it is small and simple, will mean to somebody! Mmmmmmm...... now I'm Inspired..... :o)
Supper calls. Oh boy, it's taco's tonight with (hopefully) homemade salsa!!!! Must go cook! Have a terrific evening!

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