Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Busy, Busy, Busy...

Each time it seems that I am settling back into doing blog posts three times a week, something, or somethings, happen which remind me that I am not the one who is in complete control of my time! I am learning to ask the Lord to direct my day which means if I don't get certain things on my "list" done it's ok. I gave the day to the Lord and there is such satisfaction in ending a day knowing that He allowed me to accomplish what He wanted.

"Momma Dog"
We are still awaiting Maggie's puppies. I gave up on following the "timeline" for an expectant dog I found on the internet; we have no idea how far along she is and per the timeline she's been stuck in the seventh week of gestation for almost two weeks now!!! I'm just keeping an eye on her... Tristan thinks she will whelp by the end of the week, and I wouldn't be surprised if she did.

"The Hunter"
Rifle Season opened last weekend, much to Collin's delight, and he celebrated it by getting two does on our neighbor's land Monday evening!! Hip-Hip-Horaaay!!! He gave one to a friend and kept the other to help fill the freezer. This is just the beginning... we have to wonder what else is in store!

I have to admit that I cannot wait for tomorrow to be over with. I'm spending the morning making three batches of soap (start at nine and get done by noon, hopefully), after lunch I need to practice my horn, make eclairs, work on the things that I didn't get done in the morning, and if I have time I'll go weed my garden. I have a rehearsal at six and a horn lesson following it so I won't get home until after eight. A busy day is ahead, but with the Lord's help I'll do my best.


Sarah said...

Good morning, Ashley!

I will be praying that, though this day will be a busy one for you, that the Lord's peace, strength and joy will be yours today! I hope that the soap making goes smoothly (and quickly!) and that your rehearsal and horn lesson go wonderfully. :)

Congratulations on the two deer! How exciting. :) Our rifle season here does not open until mid-November, so we still have awhile to wait yet!

Hopefully the puppies will come soon! I imagine it would be a tad difficult to wait not knowing when the event will take place.

In your first paragraph, you shared some excellent points! And also communicated what I have been learning. Thank you for sharing!

Again, I hope that this busy day will go well for you!

Ashley said...

Thank you for your very encouraging comment Sarah! You don't know how it boosted my spirits this morning!

I am rather nervous about the rehearsal this evening as this will be the first time in several years that I have played in an orchestra type setting. Add in that I just got the most difficult piece last Friday... I'm nervous but I've asked the Lord to help me and to play for His honor and glory. I'm sure all will go well! :o)

As of earlier this morning, Maggie is "still with children" or as Momma put it "she still has her bloated belly"!!! :o)