Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Of Housebuilding and Gardens

I'm so enjoying these beautiful fall days! Temperatures have hovered in the seventies during the day and getting down into the fifties at night. With the windows open a delightful breeze comes through certain rooms and seems to clear the air! I think fall is my favorite season although spring ranks right up at the top as well!

"The Work Continues"
Trevor's house has begun to look more and more like a house during the past week. They put the tin on half of the roof over the weekend and he spent Monday "puttering" on those small projects that have to be done sometime (like putting a doorknob on the door, filling some holes he accidentally put into the bathtub, etc..)

"Taking a Tour"
On Saturday he gave Momma a tour of the house and showed her where future walls are going to go. He had also made a few changes to the floor plan that he was able to confer with her on.

"Construction Acrobats"
Trevor wanted to see how high he could climb the ladder while keeping it standing up. I'm sure Sayre will be trying this one out sometime soon!

"Of Onions and Zinnias"
I moseyed out to Mommas garden late yesterday afternoon to see how the fall vegetables were doing. Since her garden is inside of a fence she thought that this would be a good place for the veggies as I'm sure "the critters" would get into stuff out in the big garden.

"The Broccoli Patch"
As you can see the plants are HUGE! They aren't quite knee high yet, but compared to how big they were when we got them... well they are monsters now! Several of the plants have heads on them and I am now going to be monitoring their growth; I wonder how big they (the heads)will get?

"The Cauliflower and Brussel Sprout Patch"
You have to pay attention to the "item tags" when you're in this particular patch as everything is huge and "all together". If you aren't paying attention you may mistake the Brussel Sprouts Cauliflower!!
You can also see that the zinnias are still in bloom. All of the flowers are enjoying the cooler weather to their fullest! I simply had to go out and pick some for a centerpiece last evening for they are so cheery looking!

"It has finally Bloomed!"
The roses have gone nuts and are producing beautiful blooms! My little rose bush finally put on some buds and it's happy peachy color brightens my day.

Even the grass is performing now! We have to mow once a week just so it doesn't begin to look like a jungle out there. Apparently the cow wasn't eating "her" grass fast enough for Tristan had us mow it (at the highest setting mind you) late last week.
I found it highly amusing to watch the cow pen being mowed... MooCow, Lila, and Maggie were all playing mind games over a cantaloupe that someone had thrown out of the garden. Each time the mower got to close whoever was eating it, they would jump up and then as it moved on they would all stare at each other and see who would make the first move! Since the cow doesn't have teeth that grip she couldn't run off with it like the dogs could!! :o)

"Playing Baby Moses"
Momma has been reading Bible stories to Sawyer and we've found them being integrated into our everyday lives. For example, at dinner last night Sawyer started talking about God creating the animals (or something like that. We couldn't understand him very well.). Then this morning he came and got the laundry basket so he could "make a nest" which turned into Momma re-enacting the "Moses story" with him. I became Miriam and had to watch him for a little bit. He is truly a hoot!

"Y'all come back here now, you hear?!"
Ahh yes, we are going to have puppies sometime in the next few weeks! After my initial "oh boy, how on earth are we going to find homes for ten to twelve puppies?", I have to say that I'm really looking forward to this occasion! It will be fun and I know we/I am going to learn allot! Maggie is huge... she's eating a ton... and her personality has become sweeter (she was sweet before but now she's downright lovable). We're all eager to see what kind of a mother she is and if she matures at all.
Does anybody want a puppy?!


Paula said...

Dear Ashley,

I have enjoyed catching up on your wonderful written posts and beautiful photos! It is so nice to see you are all doing well. I hope you are feeling better and that you and the others are over those nasty colds.

The gardens are so pretty and Trevor's house is just beautiful! He has made quite a bit of progress and I know you all are very proud of him.

Take care and enjoy this beautiful Autumn weather... the perfect time for gardening!


Sarah said...

The house is looking very nice; your all's gardens look simply beautiful; and that photo of Sawyer peeking out of the basket is just adorable!

That is exciting about Maggie! Do you have any idea when she should be having the puppies? I am sure that you are enjoying her extra lovableness. :)

Ashley said...

Thank you for your very sweet comment Mrs. Paula! I do believe we have finally conquered the colds!
Ah yes, this Autumn weather is perfect for gardening and rooting plants!
Thank you for stopping by!

Thank you, Thank you, and don't you just want to "eat" him up Sarah?!! (regarding the items in the first parargraph of your comment :o)
I'm thinking Maggie is somehwere in the middle of the seventh week(43-49 days) carrying her puppies. She may be even further along than I think but we shall see. From what I've read online, she will have the puppies around the 65th day.
Oh yes, I'm loving her lovableness but I'm not loving all this rambunctious (sp?) jumping around with muddy paws that has been going on of late!