Friday, October 31, 2008

Fall & Winter Projects

As the days are getting cooler and my major sewing seems to have gotten caught up, my mind turns to the projects that I want to work on this fall and winter.

Projects, such as this, need no longer wait for me to delay in finishing them.

I found a pattern for these mitten ornaments, and several other cute ideas, this time last year and was immediately struck with the potential for them! Mom and I fell in love with the idea and made a trip to Hancock's for supplies. I was able to find wintry type fabric on sale, we already had thread, and since we have a large stash of buttons handy we didn't need to buy any!

I already have quite a few mittens started so I shall work on putting the blanket stitching around the edge and embellishing the mitten itself.
What am I going to use them for? I can see them used as a "garland"-strung across windows or up the stairway, used as decorations on a small tree, or put on gifts. What I like about them is that they are winter decorations not just Christmas.

"In my Sewing Stash"
In my overflowing sewing fabric basket I have some camouflage fleece and two types of decorator fabrics. The camo is Sawyer's Christmas present! Since he enjoys curling up with Sayre's fleece blanket, I figured he would enjoy one of his own. He helped pick it out and he actually sits on it when he's in the sewing room. Last week I told him it was his Christmas present to which he responded "Ohhhhhh, that is so sweet of you Ashy". I'm hoping that he forgets about it in the next two months!!! Anyway, I'll be turning the edges under, sewing them down, and then I'll do a blanket stitch along the edge to give a special touch.
With the decorator fabrics I shall be assembling a purse/tote bag. The white and blue toile will be on the outside while the blue stripe shall be on the inside and possibly the straps (I'm not wild about the stripe, but it was the closest matching fabric I could find).

I also need to start this cross-stitch that I bought earlier this year. I have everything I need other than time to work on it! Maybe I'll finish it by next October!

There are other things that I have down to do...
1) make the curtains for my room.
2) Momma and I want to make a quilt together.
3) I have a skirt and two blouses I need to make in addition to three other skirts that I need to find fabric for.

I do believe that these things will keep my busy until oh, February at the earliest!
Do you have any fun projects planned?


Proverbs 31 said...

Ashley looks like you're going to be pretty busy!!!! I too have lots of projects which I'm hoping to get started on next week when my grandkids return home to France. I have been nagging ~ I mean "encouraging" my DH to finish painting our bedroom ~well he's almost done & we picked carpet to-day but I haven't even started on my curtains yikes!!! I love those mittens & how nice of you to make Sawyer a nice blankiet to snuggle under. I think home made gifts are so much more precious. Happy Sewing!!!! Marie x

Giana said...

I love Fall and winter projects..! Just got a nice fabric from Joann Fabrics and working on a project.

Sarah said...

This was such an enjoyable post to read, Ashley! You have some lovely and fun projects to do. :) And you have also given me inspiration! With sewing, I tend to get in a 'rut' with sewing only garments, and forget all of the many different things one can make with fabric!

I love the fabric that you are using for your bag! (and the lining fabric is rather nice also :) - I can well understand the difficulty in finding matching fabrics!)

Sawyer is going to love his blanket! His comment to you was so precious!

What quilt pattern are you planning on using? Have you quilted before?

It certainly sounds like you have some busy, yet very fun, few months ahead of you! Enjoy!

Amber said...

Oh Ashley - I LOVE that blue-and-white toile. I saw that very fabric in WalMart a year or so ago, and got about 1/4 a yard, just to keep around. I'd like to use that pattern in my home some day. A tote bag sounds lovely.

And those mittens are too cute! I like the idea.

It looks like you're keeping busy. :) Have fun!

Ashley said...

Marie x- Isn't it wonderful to "spruce up" a room with a fresh coat of paint or new curtians? It just almost like a breath of fresh air!
I agree, hand made gifts are so much more precious; the thought and effort that went into it speak volumes. I have found that as I am making a gift, I think of the recipient the whole entire time.
I hope you get much accomplished next week!

Giana- Welcome to my blog and Thank You for your comment!! What are you going to be doing with your piece of fabric?

Sarah- I'm thrilled that I have inspired you! "That's what friends are for"!!! :o)
I know what you mean about getting into a rut... it's nice to be reminded that there are other nice things out there to sew!
To answer your quilting question No, I have never made a quilt before although my Mom has. We found a book called "Miss Rosie's Quilt Collection" that has 14 patterns in it. I really like the Wild Irish Rose pattern...

Amber- Our fabric came from Walmart as well and Momma has covered the cushions in a wicker sofa with it! I too really like the fabric!
I AM having fun! :o)