Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Well, Now We Know!

There is nothing like the aroma of baking bread winding its' way through the house that calls one and all to the kitchen. Neither is there anything quite like piping hot-out-of-the-oven whole wheat bread that has a good slathering of butter on it! Mmmmm, many a meal at the Castlebury Quarters has consisted of fresh baked bread!
A month or two ago a friend of my Mom's told her about a new method to making whole wheat bread that breaks the whole wheat down so that your body can digest it easier. All one needed to do was to use 1 Tablespoon of Yeast and substitute a small amount of buttermilk for a small amount of water. After mixing the sponge up, you were to let it sit for the rest of the day (therefore you need to assemble this in the morning); at the end of the day you add the remaining flour (using white flour as you don't need to add that much), form into loaves and let rise.
Momma has been making bread this way ever since and I thought it was time for me to try it!

"It worked!"
Let's just say that there was a little miscommunication and I added all the flour and let the Bosch begin kneading it before both Momma and I had realized it was a sponge that needed to sit all day NOT the dough itself! Oh well, Momma was rather dubious as to whether the dough would rise but we figured we may as well try. As the Bosch bowl was still really warm I wrapped it up in several towels to help keep the heat in.
Around lunch time I heard male voice sing out "Hey Ashley... I think your dough exploded!" and explode it had!

Both Momma and I were tickled pink to see that the dough had risen! It had risen so much that it needed a bigger bowl to grow in...

"Letting it Rise"
After wrapping it up nice and tight I went back to the normal everyday tasks, but it wasn't long before I heard another male voice ring out "Oh Ashley, you might want to check on your dough!". Even after taking the towels off of the bowl, the dough continued to rise at an amazing rate!

"Forming the Loaves"
Around five o'clock I finally called an end to the dough rising escapade, formed the loaves up and set them to rise.
Ahhh, there is nothing like fresh bread!

" Junior Cook and Beginner Cook"
This particular bread making day was made even more delightful by the presence of these two beings who descended on the kitchen at the noontime hour. Collin made his famous mac and cheese/tuna fish concoction while Sawyer asked questions about everything that went on. Between goofy bantering and the blending of personalities we all had a hoot in the kitchen! I wish you could have been a fly on the wall!!!


Sarah said...

Wow! That is some bread dough, Ashley! I would say that your method of letting the dough rise throughout the day works rather well. :)

It sounds like you had such a fun time with Sawyer and Collin! Siblings are such a blessing!

~CarolineNot said...

What an entertaining tale, and reading it with your photo illustrations may have been nearly as much fun as being there.

Ashley said...

I would agree with you about our dough rising practices Sarah!! It was amazing that it grew that much!

I'm glad you enjoyed the post Carolinenot!

Maiden4Christ said...

Dear Ashley,
Looks like you had a blast!!!
I have tagged you to post six random things about yourself.
The rules are on my blog. Thanks.

~Bethany Francostein

Living Joyfully in the Lord said...

hey ashley,
that was a funny story about your bread!yes the pics are from n.c.-n.c. and s.c. look alot alike don't they? we also went up into va
to get some apples. it was a fun trip!

Lydia W. said...

It sounds like you had a really fun day Ashley! Yesterday was a wonderful day for us, also, as my Aunt had her baby yesterday morning! A perfectly healthy baby girl (I have more specifics on my blog, if you're interested)! Say hello to your family for me! ~Lydia

Lauren Walker said...

that is a good pic of Collin and Sawyer. That sounds like good bread.

Ashley said...

Bethany- Thanks for tagging me! I'll try to put it up in the next week!

Rebekah- I think the mountains of NC and SC do look allot alike although your pictures don't appear to be as mountainous as the SC mountains. The mountains are beautiful at this time of year.. I love to go hiking in Pisgah National Forest at this time of year! It's breathtaking!

Lauren and Lydia- Congratulations on a new cousin! Are y'all going to be seeing her soon?