Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Nothing Much..

I cannot believe that today is Wednesday as I keep thinking that it's actually later in the week than it really is! The days have been full of us running here or there, packing orders, keeping up with housework, and enjoying the wonderful weather!

"Having our Devotions"
Sawyer and I don't get to spend early mornings together as Momma likes to get him up and do things with him, but today I finally got my chance! He likes my "wed bing-bing" and always asks to be wrapped up in it when it's around (of course, he does that with Sayre's bing-bing to!). So we spent a little time in my room reading- he talks allot as well but I can deal with that!
He's so sweet...

"Insert what ever your mind thinks of here"
I looked back through "this time last year" pictures a bit ago, and look what I found! Trevor and "the boys" had taken the trash to the convenience center and this is what happened upon arriving at home! Apparently they had lost a barrel or can right before our driveway so Trevor jumped out to get it and instead of getting back inside the truck he just jumped in the back. Tristan was driving and only had his permit at the time so you can imagine the start he had when Trevor began flinging cans, buckets, and barrels in front of him and all over the yard! This is what the place looked like as Daddy drove up! Thank goodness we have an easy-going very laid back Daddy!

I have been instructed to "take it easy" this afternoon which means no laundry, ironing, and housework; I'm supposed to re-cooperate from this nasty cold/virus/whatever it is... I had counted on mowing the yard but I guess I'll have to wait on that! So instead I've been perusing a website in search of gifts ideas so that Momma doesn't have to, I'm working on getting my Lamplighter Christmas list put together, and I've been thinking about Christmas gifts that I can make for my family and friends.
I hope y'all are having a wonderful afternoon!


Sarah said...

I hope that you are feeling better, Ashley! It is no fun to be sick. :(

That is a sweet picture of you and Sawyer! It must warm your heart a great deal when he cuddles up next to you. :) I did not realize that you wore glasses! I do, too, when I am not wearing my contacts. :)

It probably did give Tristan a start to have Trevor throwing out all the trash cans! (laughts) The things guys will do . . .

Ashley said...

Thank you Sarah, I'm feeling much better today and am anticipating a morning at Hobby Lobby! :o)

It so warms my heart when Sawyer cuddles up with me. There is something about having a warm little body next to you asking you questions and looking to you for "guidance". It won't be too much longer before he won't want to do this... I will miss it.

I wear glasses to read as my eyes "go nuts" and I can trace many a headache back to reading without glasses.