Monday, October 20, 2008

A Wonderful Weekend!

Oh what a wonderful weekend we had! It all started Friday afternoon, when the Franco's came over for a visit, and then carried through until Sunday! It was a wonderful time with most everyone working around the house!

"The newest member of the animal family"
To begin with, Sayre bought this little guy from Happy Cow! Isn't he cute? He is furry and has a pink nose with a white spot on top which makes it look like his mouth is even further up on his head than it really is!

"Look at his size in relation to Moo Cow"
Believe it or not, this little guy is only several weeks old. Sayre bottle feeds him twice a day and in between times he has access to grain. He and Moo Cow will moo across the field to each other which is so neat to hear!

"Ohhhh, it's another playmate Buck!"
Lila and Buck are doing really well with it. The just want to romp and play with it and I'm sure they would somehow get it into their dog house if they were allowed to do so!

Now, Sayre needs a name for his calf. Does anyone have a suggestion?

"Morning Solitude"
Moo Cow really, really, really likes the calf. When not grazing she can be found over by the little guys' pen keeping him company. She getting also seems to be getting bigger each and every day and Tristan can't wait to move her over to Bull Run!

"Preparing for winter"
On Saturday the garden was pulled up and everything plowed under. After the dirt was all turned over Daddy ran the disc through it and the dirt is nice and dark. There is one lone tomato plant in the middle of the garden that was saved as it is still bearing lots of fruit. Watching Daddy and Collin avoid that was amusing!

"Thing One and Thing Two"
These two acted as if they were on a long vacation Saturday morning! Between randomly chasing each other, pulling monster sticks around the place, chasing soccer balls, and in general acting goofy... I've never seen such weird dogs in my whole life. Of course, we are the Castlebury's! :o) Odd things seem to grow here!

"The Birthday Boy"
Sunday was Sayre's thirteenth birthday and he was the happy recipient of ten Ballantyne books! These might keep him busy for three weeks as he reads non-stop these days.
Sayre is a goofy guy who keeps us all laughing and on our toes as to what he might do next. He has developed a real interest in wildlife and is very gentle with animals.
He's a joy to have around!

"Oh so that's why you wouldn't let me buy this yesterday!"
You should have seen his eyes when he saw this animal trap!

"The Men-Folk"
Left to Right: Daddy, Trevor, Sayre, Tristan, Collin, and Sawyer.
What a wonderful weekend with fall temperatures, colors, and delights! I hope yours' was just as delightful!


Sarah said...

It looks like life at the Castlebury house has been rather busy as of late! :)

The calf is just adorable, Ashley! Please convey my congratulations to Sayre (along with a belated Happy Birthday)! He must be so excited. The photos of the calf with Moo Cow and Buck and Lila are so cute!

Our dogs would fit into the same category as yours . . . weird! Dogs can have such interesting personalities!

Wow! That live trap is quite impressive. :) What does Sayre plan to trap? He looks rather pleased with the gift!

Ashley said...

Sayre plans on trapping anything that will go into those traps! If he catches any racoons he will give them to a neighbor. He's not exactly sure what he will do if he catches a skunk! :o)
I've passed your congratulations and birthday wishes to Sayre... He grinned! :o)
Mmm... what exactly do your dogs do that puts them into the wierd catagory?

Sarah said...

I hope that Sayre's trapping goes very well for him! Leah, too, has often wondered what she would do if she caught a skunk. I, personally, would rather not be around if that should happen! :)

What makes our dogs weird? Well for one thing, they pout. Seriously! Leah's dog (Mandy) in particular will get rather jealous if Leah spends very much time with the chickens, her cat, or the other dogs and will turn her back to Leah and ignore her (amongst other things). Mandy also has some very strange behaviors such as always having to hold something in her mouth before she will settle down and let us pet her (a shoe, soda bottle . . . whatever is near enough and small enough to fit in her mouth!). Our dogs also get what we call the "zoomies" where they will all of a sudden start racing around in circles as fast as they can with their tails tucked down between their legs . . . they will race around like this for a bit, and then stop and get back to more 'normal' dog behavior. And those are just a few of the weird things they do! :D

Ashley said...

Does Leah trap, Sarah? I too would not want to be around and I would make sure ALL of the dogs were someplace else!

I think our dogs have some similarities amongst them for I can identify with almost everything you mentioned! I love seeing the different personalities connect and rub off on each other! Dogs are a hoot!:o)

Sarah said...

Yes, Leah very much enjoys trapping, Ashley! :)

That is funny that our dogs are so similar! :D

Lauren Walker said...

that baby cow is so cute

Ashley said...

Oh it is so very cute Lauren! You should hear it moo!