Monday, October 27, 2008

Until Then...

Today has been a busy day... We attended the funeral of our neighbor, Mr. Evans', who has been a godly example to all those around him. Collin has helped him and his wife out with yard work, gone on fishing trips with him, and been there to help out whenever they needed him. Mr. Evans' in turn challenged Collin with scripture and made him think. I know Collin will miss him but we know that Mr. Evans' is rejoicing in the presence of the Lord.
"I got Ashy's Bing-Bing!"
Tomorrow I'm headed into Greenville to do some special cleaning for one of my former cleaning customers, so I have spent today making attempts at getting things caught up here at home. It's been a busy day but a very profitable one!

"Now how do I get this thing to move?"
So until Wednesday...
(I am aware of the fact that most of my pictures are of Sawyer! Nobody else is as photogenic or even as agreeable to having their picture taken as he is. I do my best to try and capture the others on "film" but...)


Sarah said...

I am sure that you all must miss Mr. Evans (especially Collin), but what joy comes in knowing that he is in the presence of the Father!

This is one reader who does not mind seeing lots of photos of Sawyer! What a precious little boy! I love that last photo of him on the tractor! He looks like a little farmer in training. :)

I pray that your time in Greenville is a blessing to you and that you will have many opportunities to shine the light of Christ to those you are with!

Living Joyfully in the Lord said...

Hey Ashley,
my name is rebekah.
I love your blog!!!!!
and those pictures of sawyer are the cutest.especially the last one ,i'm a huge john deere fan.
I am also a child of God and i am in my last year of homeschooling.
thanks for being an encouragement.
from another southern bell,

Ashley said...

Yes, Sawyer is a little farmer is training Sarah! He loves anything related to tractors, four wheelers, dirt, etc... He will be "Castlebury Kid" who will not have been raised in the city; I can't wait to see how this "affects" him!
My time in Greenville went fine, although I do have to return and finish several things. I made a stop at Hancock Fabrics while I was there which is always fun!! I'm not sure what is getting into me, but I'm in a strange mood to sew these days... :o)

Thank you for your sweet comment Rebekah! What part of the south are you from? I saw several pictures on your blog that looked as if they could have been taken up near Brevard NC or even Asheville NC!
Thank you for stopping by!