Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Fun Times!

I have just come in from trimming the puppies nails, cuddling with several of them, and giving "Maggie Loo" some attention . They are sweet little butterballs that will melt your heart, so I advise you not to come a visitin' unless you plan on picking out your very own puppy to take home! after they are weaned of course!

Did I mention that there are five boys and three girls? So far it appears that the boys are the larger ones but anymore it's hard to really tell. They have the biggest little paws...

I think the fall colors are peaking this week. The reds are so vibrant, the oranges breathtaking, and the color combinations are simply breathtaking! I could sit and stare at this tree all day long. I bet the trees at bull run are simply spellbinding!

Yesterday afternoon Momma and I took some lettuce starts and some broccoli up to our neighbors, the Ashley's. Mrs. Ashley was at home and was tickled pink to give us the tour of her brand new chicken house and to introduce us to her chickens! She and Momma were just so excited over everything!

Mr. Ashley built the whole thing and did a wonderful job! Mrs. Ashley told us her tale... they had gotten an egg Sunday morning and then one other either Monday night before or Tuesday morning; she had spent most of yesterday out at the coop puttering and coming up with decorating ideas thinking all the while "surely they will lay an egg for me"!

While we were there this one chicken kept disappearing into the coop... and we kept disturbing her by peeking into the nest boxes or opening the coop door! We finally decided to give her some privacy and went to pick apples... all of a sudden "buck, buck, buck, SQUAAAAAAAAAWWWWWCK!" and we knew something serious was gong on! Soon the chicken darted out of the coop and announced to the world that she had done something! Imagine our delight when upon opening the box, there laid a brown egg!

The proud hen paraded around the pen squawking and making chicken noises for a while as we slowly "conversed" our way back to the 'burb.
I do believe Mother's chicken fever has come back in full force; she's looking at book with coop plans in it. Maybe next spring we will be the ones making the hens nervous as we wait for those first eggs!


Miss Lila in Atlanta said...

Hello again,
We raised 10 to 12 hens and loved going out every morning with the grandkids and collecting those beautiful eggs. Don't they taste wonderful and make your pies, cookies and cakes more colorful?
I've been going to many of your favorite blogs and enjoy them so much. Do you know one another or are you the same religion? If that's too personal don't answer I understand. See you Soon
Miss Lila in Atlanta

Ashley said...
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Ashley said...

I'm sure you have some wonderful memories of gathering eggs with you grandchildren Miss Lila! Since we don't own chickens-yet!- I don't know what it is like to bake with fresh eggs. I'm sure it is delightful. Do they have a better tase than the store bought eggs?

No, I don not know several of the people that I have listed on my sidebar but I have found allot of encouragement and inspiration from them. The Biblical Womanhood each one stands for is something that I treasure and hope others are blessed by.

Have a wonderful day Miss Lila!

Sarah said...

Oh, Ashley! Those puppies keep getting more and more adorable! (If that is possible!) I have to say, the temptation is rather strong to head on over to South Carolina in a few weeks to pick out one of those cuties for my own! ;) :)

The colors in the photo of the tree are beautiful! So brilliant!

I loved reading about your visit to your friends' place and about her chickens. The chicken house she has is so cute! How exciting that you were there when the hen laid her egg! We are still waiting on ours to begin laying . . . waiting and waiting and . . . I told them that they have their nest boxes now so why wait any longer! I do not think they got the message, though, as we still do not have any eggs. Hopefully they will start laying soon!

I hope that it works out for you all to get chickens next year! I am sure that you would love them! :)

Living Joyfully in the Lord said...

Your Puppies are soooooo cute!
and I love the chicken coop -me and my mama have been wanting chickens for awhile now.A man in our church has some and gives us fresh eggs all the time.but we would love to have some too!
The colors are really peaking here ,too.
I'm amazed how much they've changed in just a few days~I might put some pix on my blog.

Leah said...

The puppies are really growing and they are so adorable! If we lived closer to you, I don't think I would be able to resist taking one for my own. :) And I had to laugh at how you described their "biggest little paws." Sounds just like something I would say (or have said for that matter :)

I enjoyed reading about your visit to your neighbors place and your chicken tale. That would be exciting if you all got some chickens of your own! Have you ever had them before? I've found chicken fever to be rather strong, so you may have some before you know it. :)

Ashley said...

Oh they do keep getting more and more adorable with each passing day Sarah! I love watching them!

I feel your pain with non-laying chickens... one day-soon- maybe they will finally understand what they are supposed to do! I bet they all start laying at once.

Oh, I know that we would enjoy having chickens. We just need a coop to start this process. I must be maturing in my "old age" for can remember a day when I would have rolled my eyes at the chicken idea!

Rebekah- I saw the pictures on your blog... WOW! I love the one with the fence post in it as it looks rather "country-ish"! :o)

Leah, I can relate on the "not resist taking one as my own" as I can't resist cute little animals! I have a rule for myself... "you are not allowed into the humane society unless you are looking for a puppy". Animals have a tendancy to get a hold of my heart...
No, we have never had chickens but oh so want them. We've heard good and bad things about them so reading up on them is necessary. Hopefully next spring.
I predict that Mom and I will come down with chicken fever right about the time that spring fever begins (which starts in February)!! :o)