Friday, November 28, 2008

Our Thanksgiving

I've been thinking of some of the things that I am thankful for this year. What immediately comes to mind is the work that the Lord has done in my heart over the past ten years. He began a work that turned me completely around, gave me new purpose in life, and changed the way I think. How thankful I am for a kind loving Lord who can work a miracle in peoples' heart!
I'm also thankful for the family that the Lord has given me (what would I do without them?), the ability to garden and tend to the plants that He created, friends-new and old, music to praise the Lord through and bless those listening, the ability to work, the people at our church, and so much more. I have so much to be thankful for!

One of the things that I so enjoyed about this Thanksgiving was the opportunity to work with my Mom on our feast!

"Roll & Pat"
We began preparing our Thanksgiving meal on Wednesday so that we would have more time to enjoy everyone the following day. After a busy day of cleaning, working on small projects, and general household duties, Momma and I entered the kitchen around five o'clock to begin "feast preparations". This is not normal as we like to spread the cooking out over the afternoon.

While Sawyer and I worked on the pies, Momma put together the stuffing, mixed up the wild rice dressing, and got the rolls started. How she managed to do all that is beyond me! Sayre was our extra special helper as he cleaned onions, wiped down counters, washed dishes, and did other "scullery" duties that were a immense help to us!
An hour and a half later we had most of the side dishes for Thanksgiving ready in addition to supper being almost ready! I was surprised to see how much we had accomplished!

"Let's See..."
Sawyer was a big help with the pies... he stirred everything up and even measured some of the ingredients! At one point I caught him in the pantry pulling things off of the shelves and then muttering "wet's see... I nee some ob dis and hmm, i tink some ob dat" He was copying me reading the recipe... "ok, 1 teaspoon cinnamon, 1/2 teaspoon ginger, and 1/4 cloves"... It reminded me of how he catches everything you say.

"Carving Mr. Gobbledy Good"
We had decided to try soaking the turkey in an apple juice based brine to see if it would help the texture of the meat. We let him soak for twenty-four hours and then baked it for five. It was so good! The meat was juicy and had a very slight flavor of the brine in it. The drippings made some of the best gravy ever! We let Trevor be in charge of carving Mr. Gobbledy Good as he was so willing to help!

As we sat down to eat we realized that Sayre was missing; after ringing bells, honking horns, and yelling for him, we decided that we should just eat.

Oh was it ever good!!!

"After Dinner Activity"
After the meal Trevor, Collin, and Sayre headed out to sight in their guns before going hunting. The dogs greatly dislike the sound of guns going off and run for the dog house or crawl under the vehicles at the first sound of shots.
After getting the guns ready off they went to spend three hours sitting in the woods...

"Wrapping the Garlands"
...while us ladies spent the time pulling out my Christmas decorations! We put a garland over my closet doors and a garland over my window. I will share some pictures when I get enough extension cords to light everything up!

"Evening with Family"
Everyone came trooping back into the house about six o'clock so it was time to pull out the leftovers and set the pie out.
Thelma, Momma, and I had gotten out my mitten project and were working on cutting out, sewing together, and decorating all evening. While working we surrounded with lively talk, jokes, lots of laughter, and the joy that being together brings! It was a wonderful way to end the evening!
I hope you have a wonderful time with family and friends yesterday!


Proverbs 31 said...

I'm so glad that you had a lovely thanksgiving Ashley. We don't celebrate it in Ireland but if you stop over at my blog you'll see I too am giving thanks to God!! Marie x
p.s.Can't wait to see the mittens!!!!

Sarah said...

Once again, Ashley, I loved all the photos! :) The ones of Sawyer wearing the apron are too cute! What a sweet little brother you have!

It looks like you all had a special Thanksgiving together! :)

I hope that you have a wonderful day!

Ashley said...

Thank you Marie x for your comment! I did stop by your blog... what a challenge you post was. Thank you!

Sarah, I too have enjoyed the apron wearing Sawyer pictures! What's so funny is that he brings us the apron to put on him! He's a hoot!