Friday, November 7, 2008

The Hidden Hand

The first Lamplighter book I ever read was The Hidden Hand by E.D.E.N Southworth. This is the book that caused me to finally take the Lamplighter catalogues seriously; I realized that these were probably really good books and became very interested in them.

The book opens with Major Ira Warfield, the gruff and harsh owner of Hurricane Hall, reflecting on how glad he is that he doesn't have to leave his warm cozy house on this blustery Hallows Eve. His reflections are soon turned upside down as he is called to the bedside of a dying woman where he hears a story full of mystery and learns of a girl that will need his protection as this woman is soon to die.
There is allot of excitement at Hurricane Hall as soon as Major Warfield brings his new ward home. Capitola is her name and she is full of fun, loves adventures, and has a knack for getting into mischief! You will find yourself spell bound as you read of the adventures that Capitola gets herself into.

There is another side of the book... Marah Rocke and her son Traverse live in a small shack and live off of a meager living that Traverse is able to make. You will see the meek and gentle character of Marah shine through as she reminds those around here that God is in control. You will also see the manly character of Traverse reflected in his tender care for his mother. You will be challenged to step back and watch God work through your circumstances as you read about these that take place here.

The title of the book is "The Hidden Hand" and it wasn't until just recently that I realized that all through the book you can see the hidden hand of God. From Major Warfield bringing Capitola home to the many trials that Marah and Traverse Rocke go through, you can see the "plan in it all".

This is not your normal Lamplighter book but if you love adventures and escapades, this book is for you! You will not be able to put it down!


Miss Lila in Atlanta said...

Good Afternoon Ashley,

I've been waiting for your post.
I have never read any Lamplighter books. But be assured I'm going to start, today. I'm going to Ebay and see if I can find this book. It sounds just like the kind of book I like to read. My favorite thing in the whole world is sitting by the fireplace, drinking tea and reading. Not always alone, my 8 grandkids have been trained to be godly children and to love to read and love tea. So many times we will sit by the fire and read aloud to one another.
I help in their homeschooling. So proud to be able to do that, Last week we just finished the Little House books. Love those, don't you?
Could you suggest some more Lamp Lighter books my grans would like?
God Bless You my new friend in Christ
Miss Lila in Atlanta

Ashley said...

I too enjoy sitting in front of the fire with a hot drink and a book, Miss Lila. It is wonderful that you can help with the homeschooling of your grandchildren! I'm sure that is a blessing to your daughters as well as being an enjoyment for you and your grandchildren!

Oh yes, I read the Little House books as a kid and have been thinking about re-reading them this winter! :o) You're never to old!

You asked about Lamplighter Books I could suggest... On my shelf I have three that I can recommend for "younger girls". I'll list them in order of favoritism (I think I spelled that right...!)
The Wide Wide World Volumes 1&2 by Susan Warner
House of Love by Elizabeth Cheney
A Peep Behind the Scenes by Mrs. O.F. Walton.
If you would like to email me (address is in my profile) I could give you a list (not just Lamplighter) of books that I think younger girls would like.
For an older girl, maybe 12 and up, I would reccommend Stepping Heavenward Elizabeth Prentiss.
Have a wonderful evening!

Miss Lila in Atlanta said...

Good Evening Asley,
Thank you for answering my comment. I went straight to Ebay and bought four Lamplighter books. They are lovely books. I can't wait to get them and put them on display and of course read them to my grans. I will email you soon and tell you the titles of the books. In the mean time I have gone to your mom's blog and read everyone of her posts as I did yours and Rose Cottage by the Lake. Your mom sounds like a wonderful person. You both have lifted me up spiritually and I know God will bless you for it. I feel he led me to your blogs.
Have a nice evening. I'm awaiting your next post.
God Bless You,
Miss Lila

Sarah said...

What an excellent review, Ashley! My, it sure makes one want to read the book . . . this one is definitely being placed high up on my list of books to add to our library. It sounds so good!

Ashley said...

You will be in for a real treat as you read those books Miss Lila! I do hope you and your grandchildren enjoy them!
Thank you for your kind comments about our blogs. It's always a blessing to hear that our meager writings are an encouragement to others.

I know you would enjoy it Sarah! :o)

Paula said...

Dear Ashley,
Thank you for sharing the book review. I love Lamplighter books but have not read this one. It sounds wonderful. I loved A Peep Behind the Scenes and Shipwrecked But Not Lost was so wonderful and full of adventure! Have you read it?

I hope you are doing well! The puppies are so very sweet and Maggie is a good momma! Mrs. Ashley's chicken coop is just darling. Like your momma, I would love to keep chickens!

Love, Paula

Ashley said...

Oh yes! I have read both of the books you mentioned Mrs. Paula! What wonderful, and convicting books they were.

We are doing well! Keeping busy as usual and enjoying every minute of it! We do hope all is well with your family!