Monday, November 24, 2008

A Glimpse of My Life...

Saturdays are the one day in my week that I let plan itself as the day goes on. The boys are usually over a Bull Run, Momma and I may go yard sale-ing, make bread, cook, or keep up with house hold things in the mornings. Afternoon activities vary widely- from cleaning and washing vehicles, gardening, sewing, spending time at Bull Run, or what have you. We keep a loose schedule!
I have two things that I must do on Saturday; keep up with the laundry and vacuum the downstairs before dinner. Other than those two things I let the day plan itself as I go along!
Let me give you a glimpse into what a random Saturday may look like.

Saturday morning found me making soap. This is not normal as I try to take the weekend "off", but as I had a large block of time free I thought it would be best to make the soap.
The process didn't take as long as it usually does for which I was really thankful for! Soon after I finished the soap, my friend Chelsey came over to see the puppies and other critters that we have running around here! She has a real heart for animals and loves to be around them every chance she gets.

While I was making soap, Sayre was busy pulling things out of the shop and straightening up. He was looking for something but in the process he made the place look better!
Do you notice the four bags of dog food??? Those are fifty pound bags... with the puppies now eating food we are going through more food than ever!

"Winter Plants"
After showing Chelsey all the critters it was time to go in and help with lunch. Trevor and his electrician friends were "electrifying" his house so we cooked a big lunch of chicken fingers, oven fries, apples, and cookies for them. It was delicious!
When lunch was over with I headed out to my garden intent on getting the pansies put into the ground.

I had a little help from Jasper and Buck who enjoyed laying in the warm sun or following me around. I love how they sit around where ever you are working!
I got the pansies planted and mulched, the poppy seeds scattered, blew the pecan leaves out, and planned where I'm going to plant the lavender.

"Extra Bit of Warmth"
Around four o'clock it started getting chilly and the deer hunters were starting to show up. It was the perfect time to head in and get thawed out before supper preparations began! I found Momma and Thelma chatting while waiting for their tea water to boil so I picked up my cross-stitching and joined in. After a while it was time to build a fire and get the dogs fed. We've built a fire most every evening this week and love the warmth it puts out! Thelma enjoys it just as much as we do!

"Time to Go!"
Thelma and I had just gotten the fire really going when, to my surprise, I heard Tristan rattling down the driveway with Mr. T's cattle trailer! It was time for MooCow to be "moooooved" to Bull Run!

After a good hour of bribing the cow with "treats" (dog food and sweet feed) Tristan realized that she wasn't going to get in the trailer so he left truck and trailer in the field over night for her to get used to.
When he went out yesterday morning he found that she was much more willing to get in the trailer. He loaded her up with out a problem and took her over to meet the other "girls" (he also got four new cows Saturday afternoon!).

"Willing Victim #1"
After supper, it was time to cut hair. It's been quite some time since I've cut any one's hair, but Tristan was desperate (he was begging me to do something about his hair!) and didn't care what it looked like so long as I cut it! Thelma has much more experience in this area, so she showed me how to make it look good!

"Willing Victim #2"
Since we had all the hair cutting stuff out, Sayre asked Thelma to cut his hair to which she readily agreed too.
This is just a smattering of things that go on during a Saturday! We stay busy but try to be flexible when things arise!
I love Saturdays as things are so much more relaxed!


Ashley Sebo said...

Hi Ashley!

If you didn't notice we have the same name! I've seen your comments on Sarah's blog-As lilles Sewing- and it sounded like you knew alot about farm/country life!

Wow! Thanks for sharing about your Saturday! Life can get SO busy!

Have a good Thanksgiving!

Ashley said...

Welcome to my blog Ashley! I too have seen your comments over at Sarah's blog, so I feel like I kind-of sort-of "know" you! :o)

I'm afraid that I don't really know that much about farm/country life as we only moved out here two years ago. I'm eager to learn more about it! Call me crazy, but I think it would be neat to have our own chickens! Anyway, I love living in the country!

Yes, life does get so busy; I'm thankful for the work that there is to do. Without it I know I would feel useless.
Happy Thanksgiving to you too!

Sarah said...

What a fun update, Ashley! I loved all the photos. :)

I am glad that the soap making went quickly for you! It probably feels rather good to have that finished! How long does it take to make a batch of soap generally?

Oh, the pansies you planted are just beautiful! So cheery looking! I really like the pink one . . . which is your favorite?

Your all’s fire looks so cozy . . . we do not have a fireplace, but it sounds just wonderful to be able to curl up in front of one and read or do some handwork.

That is exciting about Tristan’s cows! Does MooCow like her new location?

Your brothers are pretty trusting to let you cut their hair! :) It looks like you did a great job!

Have fun baking tomorrow!

Ashley Sebo said...

Hi Ashley!

I sent you an email...
I hope you got it!

Crazy? Cause you want chickens!!! No way! That's normal...for me at least!


Have a good day!

Ashley said...

Sarah- I don't normally make soap one batch at a time... instead I make three. With melting and cooling oils plus mixing each batch by iteself, it can take three hours before everything is in the mold.
Which pansies are my favorite??? I really loved last years batch of patel colors! They were a break from the traditional "bold" colors and added a real spice to the garden! Sadly, those colors weren't a part of JP's garden section. :o(
Oh Yes, MooCow loves having playmates to push around and keep her company. Since we don't have water out there yet, Tristan has been hauling water from the our house over there.
Tristan?... trusting?... No, I think he was desperate! :o)Well maybe there is an element of trust when I have the shears!!!! :o)
Have a wonderful evening!

Ashley said...

Ashley:o) I did get your email early this morning, but since I've been gone all day I haven't been able to respond! Don't worry, I'll write back!
~Ashley... (I may get us mixed up!)

Ashley Sebo said...

Alrighty! do take your time though..I totally understand busy!

Hope to hear from you soon!

Sarah said...

Three hours is a long time for the soap making, Ashley! I am sure you feel tired by the time you are finished :), but what satisfaction you must have!

Oh! Pastel pansies would be just gorgeous! I do not believe that I have ever seen any those colors before.

I am glad that MooCow is getting along with her new playmates! :)