Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Recent Going Ons'

The past several days have been chock full of busy things; the way I like it although, I do wish it would slow down enough for me to do some cross-stitching! :o)
Here are some of the highlights.

The puppies turned three weeks old on Saturday and I'm beginning to feel like I'm on the home stretch of this "race". I cleaned out the dog house over the weekend and took off the board that help keep the straw, and the puppies, inside. Now, I not only have straw everywhere, but I also have puppies falling out, climbing in, and falling back out! They are definitely becoming more mobile!

It has been time for me to introduce them to puppy chow for about a week now; today I finally did it! I soaked about a cup and a half of puppy chow in really warm water for about ten minutes; since the temperatures have been in the forties today, I thought they would be more inclined to eat warm food!
It took the pups a minute to realize where that "delicious smell" (soaking dog food is one of the more disgusting smells!) was coming from but when they did... I had a mass of black wriggling fur all over the bowl!

These cute, sweet, and happy little puppies will be ready for their new homes after December sixth and would make terrific Christmas presents!

Trevor's house finally has all the hardy board/siding on it! He and Thelma were agonizing over what color to paint it on Sunday and I must say that it was very entertaining! Now if only the electric could get run...

Upon arriving at Bull Run Saturday, I promptly found this "pre-historic" looking creature out in Trevor's front yard! It turned out to be a snapping turtle but due to the cool temperatures it wasn't aggressive. Daddy used a stick to push on it's shell and it would raise up on all fours. It was really neat! To give you an idea of how big it really was... the shell was at least twelve inches long and six inches wide and I'm making a conservative guess on those measurements.

Tristan is practically done with his cattle fence, hip-hip-horrraaaay! He is hoping to get the cows this weekend and get Moo-Cow out at Bull Run with them! I can't wait! It will really seem like the land is ours when the cows get out there!

He has done a very professional looking job on the fence; it will be so neat to see how the Lord leads him!
I hope y'all have a wonderful evening!


Sarah said...

What a fun update, Ashley!

Those puppies sure are being taken care of well. :) They are so cute! I am sure you love the little guys and gals!

The house is looking very nice!

That is such a neat photo of the snapping turtle! What amazing creatures they are . . . though, I would not want to come upon one when its not in a good mood!

How exciting that the cattle fence is just about finished! Tristan must be quite excited to actually put cattle into it. :)

I hope that you have a blessed evening with your family, Ashley!

Miss Lila in Atlanta said...

Hi Ashley,
Well since my hubby owns his own fence company (Metro Fence) here in Atlanta, I can tell you, that is one nice looking fence!
Beautiful land! Can't wait to see all the cows on it.
Have a lovely evening,
Miss Lila in Atlanta

Living Joyfully in the Lord said...

Goodness, you have been busy~
but it sounds like you've had fun!
Those puppie's are adorable!They are growing so fast.
Loved the pix!

Ashley said...

Yes Sarah, I'll admit that I have grown fond of the puppies! How could I help it when they are so cute and sweet?!
I came into contact with a very angry snapping turtle years ago, and it was not a pretty sight. I won't forget the hissing and thrashing it did when I picked it up... I wonder what this guy would have done if the day had been allot warmer. Hmmm... I hope we find another so that we can see what it really acts like! :o)

Miss Lila-Thank you Miss Lila!

Yes Rebekah, busy but fun! :o)Do you want a puppy???! :o)

Living Joyfully in the Lord said...

lol,Thanks but we already have two dogs ,and I don't think we could handle anymore(they're into everything)but thanks~