Monday, November 3, 2008

Of Puppies, Brothers, and Birthdays!

One of the highlights of my day is to spend time with Maggie and her puppies! In the morning I'll sometimes bring one or two little black blobs (for blobs they are!) in for Sawyer to hold.

The puppies turned a week old last Saturday and are growing like weeds on miracle grow! I do believe they have doubled in size!

Maggie is a really good Mamma. She re-arranges the nest once a day, is very attentive to their needs, and even lets me watch her do everything! She is eating twice the normal amount of food but still seems skinny (maybe because I'm so used to her looking fat!).

The puppies eyes should begin to open this week, something that I cannot wait for! It's so exciting to watch the progress that they make each day! What is it about babies (human or animal) that people are drawn to? Is it the total dependancy or the sweetness?

Moving along~ I had a "situation" in my room last night...

I was hoping to get some reading done, but I found Tristan attempting to relax on my bed. He said he was doing "yoga" but I'm not sure it was relaxing. It looks rather painful!

Sayre was also in my room... need I say any more?! He has officially hit the goofy stage and it's almost painful to watch! :o) His appearance in the picture is one that we see more and more these days. Sigh... this stage only lasts two or three years.

Today is Sawyers third birthday! He and I had a "tea party" this morning. We made hot chocolate and colored until it was time for me to attend to practicing. I think he really enjoyed me spending time doing something that he can do, as he conversed a little more than normal!
He is such a joy and blessing to our family!


Lydia W. said...

Aww! The puppies are adorable! I wish we could have one, but since Lauren is alergic, we can't have any pets. :-(

Oh my... those are some very interesting pictures of Tristan and Sayre. I do believe Caleb is getting into that goofy stage as well.... :-)

That's a good picture of you and Sawyer. Please tell him "Happy Birthday" from all of us Walkers! Brothers certainly are wonderfull gifts from God, aren't they?

Sarah said...

The puppies are simply adorable, Ashley! I wish that I could see them and cuddle them!

I would agree with you . . . whatever Tristan is doing looks rather painful!

Sayre sure looks . . . um . . . interesting? :D I would never have recognized him! :) Well, at least with him around there is probably not many dull moments! ;) :)

I love the photo of you and Sawyer! How fun (and special!) it must be to have a little brother. :)

Happy Birthday, Sawyer! Three years old . . . what a big boy you are!

Ashley said...

Oh Lydia, I wish ya'll could have one as well for I know ya'll would take really good care of it in addition to having a TON of fun!
Oh yes, brothers are a gift from God! I don't know what I would do without mine... possibly die from boredom!

Oh I wish you could be here to see and cuddle the puppies Sarah!! They will be ready a week after Thanksgiving... you want to come get one???????!!!!! :o)
There is NEVER a dull moment with Sayre around; I have to watch my rib cage as he's taken to tickling (and will not stop), we have to be prepared for the "unexpected" as we NEVER know what he is going to do, and we sometimes get him to talk sense by threatening him with extra work!! All that said, he is a hard worker and will keep you laughing as he comes up with the uncanniest things!
Sawyer says "Thank you" for the birthday greetings!

Miss Lila in Atlanta said...

What a delightful person you are. I have read through your entire blog archives and yearn for more.
I too am a godly person and have two lovely daughters and eight wonderful grandkids. I am a shut-in if you will and read blogs as I have a chance to. I found you through "Rose cottage by the Lake."
Your blogs are a witness to the greatness of living ones life with God in charge. Thank you and keep up the good work. You never know who you are reaching.
Miss Lila in Atlanta

Miss Lila in Atlanta said...

Ahhhhh, there is nothing quite so wonderful as a freshly laid hen egg. Until I got sick we had a dozen hens and gathered over 10 eggs a day. Brings back awesome memories.
Thank you.

PS. I have been reading all your favorite blogs and they are great. Do you all know each other or just blog buddies? Are you the same religion?
Miss Lila

Ashley said...
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Ashley said...

Miss Lila- Your comment was such an encouragement to me and I THANK YOU for taking the time to respond!

I am used to those big white eggs that one buys from Aldi, so I'll admit that I was rather dissapointed to see the small size of Mrs. Ashley's. I bet the fresh eggs are good though! Anything that one raises is bound to be delicious AND you know where they came from.