Monday, November 10, 2008


"A Yard Saling We'll Go!"
And so we did this past Saturday morning! Momma, Thelma, Sawyer and I set out on our "hunting and gathering" trip with HIGH hopes for the day. Instead of heading into "the big city", we decided to stick in our neck of the woods. Our plan of action was to drive in the direction of Belton stopping at any and all yard sales!

"Thelma's Loot"
At the very first yard sale we stopped for, we hit the jackpot! The lady had four of these winter themed illuminated (have a light in them) houses for sale...

"Ashley's Loot"
...and priced so reasonably that Thelma and I told her "we'll take them!!!".
I have several of these houses already and love the soft glow that each one emits. I can't wait until I get my decorations out!!! (the flash on my camera makes the houses appear cheap... which they aren't!)

"The Extras"
In addition to the houses, she also threw in-for free- this angel that Thelma had admired and these two figurines that I had looked at! For Free!!! We were/are thrilled!

"More Goodies"
We found various and sundry other items that we can use in decorating inside as well as outside. I'm sure Momma will share some of her finds on her blog in the next few days.
By the time we were officially done, the trunk of the car was full and we were ready to crash!

But the Ultimate finds of the day were...

"Ultimate Find #1"
This handmade quilt!
At the very first sale we stopped at Thelma found this quilt stuffed in a box with odds and ends! After we pulled it out, Momma was asking the lady about it and she told us that it was made by her mother-in-law and knows for a fact that it is at least seventy-five years old! As Momma told Dad "Honey, I bought a piece of American history today!!!" It is in need of some mending and then Momma can't wait to actually use it!

"Ultimate Find #2"
As the morning was getting late we debated on whether we should head into Williamston to see what sales were there. I am sooo glad that we chose to keep going, for had we not, this quilt top would not be in my possession!
It is just the top and from what the lady told me it was pieced together by her mother. The squares were machine sewn together and has been kept really clean. Most of the yellow squares are made of thicker fabric that is almost rough... we wonder if it isn't from an old flour sack as Thelma found a very faint design on one of these squares!
Do I have plans for this???? Oh yes I do! Momma and I are going to finish it this winter so we are heading to Hancock's early tomorrow morning to purchase some batting (it's fifty percent off, how can we pass it up?!) and some quilt backing! I can just imagine how our winter evenings are going to be spent!
I love to yard sale... especially when it's done with good company and light hearts!


Sarah said...

What amazing finds, Ashley! It sounds like you all had such a wonderful time together. :)

The quilts are lovely . . . antique quilts have such a charm about them! Have fun finishing yours!

Amber said...

Oh wow - I'm a little envious! Congratulations on finding those quilts! They're lovely! Do you go yard saling often? I don't...but you sure tempt me! I wonder if we have any quilts in boxes around this area, just waiting for me... :):)

Ashley said...

I so agree Sarah, they are AMAZING finds! I couldn't believe that we had found TWO quilts on one day!
There is something special about the "antique quilts". The care that was put into them, the stories each block might have, and the way of life during the "times" that the quilt was made in hold such a fascination for me! If only they could talk!

Thank You Amber! I know I felt honored to have found the top!
We used to do quite a bit of yard saling back when we lived in Greenville; the sales were more accessible and we didn't have to drive far to find any. Not that we live far away from civilization now, but it does takes more of an effort to go "hunting and gathering". I think we've gone yard saling twice since the spring although we often talk about going.
You never know Amber, you just might find something totally amazing and unexpected peeking up out of you from a dilapidated looking box!

Miss Lila in Atlanta said...

Good Morning from Atlanta, GA Ashley,

My two grown daughters and I LOVE to treasure hunt, whether it be yard sales, thrift store or crafts fairs. They were raised on used everything and now raising their brood this way. We missionaried in Ireland for two years and they were called "boot sales" over there. They had them every Saturday. Oh my goodness, they were great! It always amazes me what really nice and sometimes new items are for sale at Yard Sales. Sometimes I think people have more money than they know what to do with.

Love the blog, God Bless You.
Miss Lila