Monday, January 19, 2009

Highlights from this Past Week.

This past week has been one of busy-ness. Momma and I spent allot of time working on finishing up the John John's, and I'm thrilled to announce that they are finally done! Yay! We are eagerly anticipating getting back into the swing of normal life today and I have plans to catch up on a few of my own sewing projects this week.

"Applying Finishing Touches."
Despite my attention being focused on sewing most of the time, I still had quite a few "highlights" during the week...

"Watching It Grow"
One of each days' joy is to see how my orchid is growing! The buds are becoming more and more pronounced and the stem is getting longer with each passing day! I have it sitting on a table at the top of the stairs so I get to keep track of it's progress many times each day. I love watching it grow!

"A Meal for Green Bear"
Sawyer finally found someone who had a few moments to share a "meal" with him on Saturday! He has taken to setting the table and getting all of his dishes out so that he and "green bear" can partake of a "meal" together. It's really cute to watch!

"Opening the Mail"
I was delighted to receive a package from a very dear lady the other day! She had included so many little goodies and each was so thoughtfully wrapped and I could just picture her and her grand-children wrapping and packaging it all up! Thank you so much!

"Would You Please Put Away the Camera and Play With Us, Ashley?!"
Saturday afternoon found Sawyer and I outside spending some time with Jasper, Lila, and Buck in the dog pen. We climbed up on the dirt pile, walked along the fence line, kicked at ant hills, threw sticks and chewed up balls, and dished out liberal amounts of petting!

"It's Begun..."
The week ended just as it had begun... in the sewing room! Only this time it was Thelma's wedding dress that was in the works. While I worked on finishing a project, Momma and Thelma talked patterns, made a trial run bodice, and in general had fun together.


Sarah said...

I am so glad that you all are finished up with the John John's, Ashley! I am sure that is a relief. Now onto the wedding sewing! :) I hope that Thelma's dress comes together very well!

How exciting about your orchid! I can well understand the excitement of watching a plant grow and then slowly bloom. I am looking forward to seeing photos of your orchid once it flowers! (You will be sharing, right? :)

I loved the photo of Thelma, Sawyer, and Green Bear! Too cute! It looks like Sawyer is rather pleased.

How sweet about your package! I am sure it was indeed a delight to open up . . . what a thoughtful lady. :)

Even with all of the sewing that you've been doing, I am glad that you have had some times to get outside and relax and refresh yourself. Those times seem to make busyness much easier to handle!

Thank you for sharing this post, Ashley! It was very much enjoyed!

Sarah said...

I just noticed with much delight that all your photos are clickable in this post! I enjoyed them even more on this visit! :)

Ashley said...

Oh yes Sarah, I will be sure to share pictures of the orchid as the buds begin to open! It's simply to exciting to keep to myself!

Yes, I took a look at how much space I had "left on my blog" and decided that I might want to start resizing my pictures in addition to loading them in the correct order so that they could be clickable!!

Thank you for your comment! It was a joy to recieve!