Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A Morning Walk...

As I was out feeding the dogs this morning the thought occurred to me that now was the perfect time to take a walk and see the sights! It was twenty-eight degrees out and the ground 'crunched' as one walked; I was eager to see if the pond had frozen over!

"The Field"
You can see the dog/cow pen with Lila sitting at the gate wishing she could be with me. The pond is to the right and our garden is on the left...

"In My Garden"
I first took a stroll through my little plot of ground to see what all has been affected by the cold that we've had lately, and amazingly it appears that the pansies are the only ones suffering. The sage, pictured above, and the rosemary are still going to town and are getting bigger... and bigger... I can only imagine what they will do when spring arrives! Even my parsley is still alive despite the massive haircut it had several weeks ago!

"Wait a Moment..."
The daffodils and hyacinths are up. It isn't unusual for the daffodils to be up but the hyacinths???! Oh well, I think we will be having spring flowers in the next several weeks! If you look down in between the hyacinth leaves, you can see little buds (not pictured).

"Doesn't It Look Peaceful?"
After strolling through my garden I headed towards the pond. I heard Jasper barrelling through the underbrush on the other side of the dam, and soon after I heard Buck "skipping" through the leaves. There is a large difference in their "gait"!
I found the pond frozen over and it was neat to see the leaves and grass through the ice.

As with anytime that I walk around, Jasper and Buck were near at hand and raring to go! We had a delightful time tromping around and enjoying this sunshiny morning!


Sarah said...

What a lovely time it sounds like you had, Ashley! Walks such as this seem to bring such refreshment.

That is exciting about all your little plants. I am sure that you are eager for when the daffodils and hyacinths begin blooming!

What a fun photo of Buck - he looks just a bit excited! :)

Ashley said...

It is amazing how a walk can refresh ones mind, Sarah. I've been especially struck with how stress melts away during these times!

Well, I don't know that I'm eager for the flowers to start blooming as it's only January which is still consedered winter! However, when they start blooming I'll be thrilled! Oh wait, when the iris' start putting on buds I shall be ecstatic! :o)

That's a typical Buck face... he's our happy little chap!
Have a great day Sarah!