Monday, January 5, 2009

Monday Ramblings

Several weeks ago I planted another amaryllis bulb in which I could see the bud already peeking out from around the paper-y skin. A week passed and nothing seemed to happened... week two rolled around and I could see the bud filling out and the leaves beginning to grow. By the time week three ended I knew I was going to have an interesting amaryllis on my hands!

The stem grew to about three inches tall and then decided to grow crooked. I don't think rotating the plant each day would have helped (rotating it would keep it from growing in one direction) so Mom and I wonder if the problem doesn't originate from the way that it was bred. There appear to be two stems that grew together and then one separated; I'm not sure that those buds are going to develop.

It was a wonderful surprise to walk into the laundry room this morning and find it blooming! I've since moved it into the kitchen so that we can enjoy it to the fullest! There are three open buds, four more that are still developing, and five that I'm not so sure will bloom.

"Trevor's House"
The house is coming along... Trevor put up molding/trim Saturday and Daddy says that the inside is beginning to look really good! With all the rain that we've received lately, his driveway has turned into a mass of ruts and he needs to get a load of gravel put in rather soon.

"Little Boys and Mud Puddles"
This morning was the first day that Sawyer could go out and play. He gathered his new dump truck and "digger" together and went out to plop them in several different mud puddles. He showed up at the back door fifteen minutes later to inform Momma that he had dirty pants and needed a new pair! When he couldn't get new pants he went out and collected "nuts", until he decided that it was time for him to go inside. After being ushered back out the door, he decided that he was going to cause trouble... it wasn't until after convincing him he HAD to stay outside, that he put on his "happy heart" and played quite contentedly for some time!
This morning has been quite the adventure!

I was sorting through some of my pictures and found this picture that was taken several weeks ago. I think it is a "Fritillary" butterfly but I'm not so sure. It could be a moth...
Just looking at the detail and precision with which our Creator made it is amazing!


Sarah said...

That is an interesting amaryllis, Ashley :), but the flowers are just beautiful! Quite striking! I am sure that you are enjoying them. :)

What a cute picture of Sawyer! Puddles and little boys just seem to go together, don't they?! I am so glad that you all have gotten so much rain lately!

Thank you for sharing the photo of the butterfly! It is beautiful! :)

Have a wonderful day!

Ashley said...

Despite the oddity in blooming, I am enjoying the amaryllis Sarah! There are now four flowers completely open and are so breathtaking!

Yes, "Ham-Man" is drawn to water and will even tell you where the mud puddles are supposed to be when everything is dry out!

Thanks for your comment!