Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Nothing Much...

The past few days have been cool, cloudy, and to a degree foggy. These days are perfect for accomplishing the little things indoors that seem to be "swept out of sight" during those sunny days. I've made progress is catching up on the snail mail correspondence and begun work on sorting through my sewing/ box of craft stuff that I received recently.

These days are also perfect for thrift store shopping as Momma has attested to! She and Collin dropped in on the "Goodwill Clearance Center" in Greenville yesterday, which is where all the Goodwill stores in town send their stuff when it doesn't sell or has been on the shelves to long. The items at the clearance center aren't sorted by size... everything, men's, woman's and children's is all put in huge bins (think of long blue feed troughs on wheels that are waist high) and wheeled out for everyone to go through. It's really humorous to be there when they announce that they are bringing new stuff out... as soon as the word is given, everyone descends on the new "troughs" like a flock of birds at a freshy filled bird feeder! It's really funny! Anyhow, clothing and housewares are sold by the pound and runs for under a dollar per pound I do believe (correct me if I'm wrong!).

Momma somehow managed to make it home without any books (which, by the way, are ten cents a pound I do believe) but she did find quite a few really cute housewares, which included a garlic "baker" and more illuminated houses (put a light in them), along with some really nice clothes.
Sawyer enjoys looking through her finds with us! His comment usually is "oooo, that's nice!" or "I like that!" or "gasp... is that for me???!" I'm sure he would love to pull everything out of the bag for us!

Hammie boy is a bundle of energy these days; he doesn't want to stay outside for very long by himself so he's been coming up with things to do inside. Last night, he held a tea party for Momma right before dinner. He saw me setting the table and thought it was the perfect time to pull everything out of his kitchen! He served Mom cookies, cakes, and muffins up until it was time to put dinner on, which I know they both enjoyed!

I cannot wait for the sun to come out. I'm ready for a bright, cheerful, blue skyed day!


Sarah said...

Our days have been cloudy and dreary this week, too, Ashley. Though, today it was sunny which was so nice! That is wonderful that you were able to get so much accomplished! :)

It looks like your Momma got quite a haul at the thrift store! I am sure she enjoyed digging through all of those bins. :)

As always, Sawyer's little sayings are as cute as can be. :) How sweet of him to have a tea party for your Momma!

Ashley said...

Oh my yes, my Mother l.o.v.e.s. any and all thrift stores and peruses each one with great detail! I think that may be why she always makes it home with more than I do! I don't look around with near as much attention as she does... I can only take so much! :o)
Have a terrific day Sarah!