Tuesday, January 13, 2009

A Little Catching Up

The past five days have flown by in a hurry. Since my last blog post I've been to Illinois, Missouri, and back home again! Daddy, Collin, and I left early Friday morning to take my Grandmother back to her home in Illinois and while we were in the area we took the opportunity to go visit a very good friend of mine!

I was so excited to finally meet my dear friend Sarah and to spend time with her and Leah, her sister! We spent a day talking, laughing, more talking, and even more laughter! I came away from our visit encouraged and refreshed! The memories we now have are absolutely priceless! What wonderful young ladies they are!

"Please Excuse the Dirty Glass"
Sawyer has been "nothing but trouble" since we returned home! This is becoming his standard "I'm being a stinker" look and it is absolutely hysterical to watch, and listen to, his actions!

"Doing Nothing In Particular"
I will most likely not be posting anything new until the end of this week. The next few days are full and I need to focus more on what needs to be done than blogging. It's only seventy-five days until the wedding, I think!


Sarah said...

You are too sweet, Ashley! Leah and I (as well as our Mom) were likewise so blessed by our time together! It was certainly a weekend that I’ll never forget. :) Thank you so much for coming!!!

The photo of Sawyer is cute! I can only imagine what he has been up to . . . :) (By the way, your glass looks kind of like ours! :)

I enjoyed the photo with two of your brothers and all your dogs. It looks so nice there . . . you just missed our cold weather! Today as well as the next few days have lows down in the single digits to below zero . . . shivers . . . it makes me cold just thinking about going out and doing chores in a bit!

Anonymous said...


I so much enjoyed meeting you this past weekend. The time that we spent together was such a blessing to my family!! We are so thankful to have found your blog, and through that, to get to know you and your family - God is so good to us!

Mrs. Pelc

P.S. I really appreciate you, Sarah and Leah including me when you were 'having a hoot'!!

Ashley said...

Thank you for your comment Sarah!
I'll let your imagination keep occupied in coming up with what Sawyer has been up to today! He's been into...everything! :o)
Y'ALL have glass that looks like ours???! Amazing! ;o)
I hope you have a terrific evening!

Mrs. Pelc- Thank you for letting us come and spend those days with y'all! We felt so welcome and "at home" with y'all which meant allot. I thoroughly enjoyed you being a part of our "havin' a hoot" sessions! It was such a blessing!

Ashley Sebo said...

Hi Ashley!

Looks like you had a wonderful time in Missouri! I love the picture of you and Sarah staring at eachother! That was great!

Sawyer looks cute and your glass looks better than ours!*laugh* He reminds me of my little brother Joshua!

I hope you are doing well!
Lord bless you!

Anonymous said...

Very nice blog Ashley !
Would you please "blogg" more often ?

Ashley said...

Thank you for your comment Ashley; I apologize for taking so long to reply to it...
The picture of Sarah and I staring at each other? Is that the one she posted on her blog? I cannot remember what we were talking about but I know that we both were feeling the effects of something akin to the adreneline (sp?) finally wearing off! We did have a great time together!

Anonymous... look for a post sometime tomorrow. I had to let blogging go this past week so that I could focus on more important things. I do hope to get back into the swing of things this week!
Thank you for your comment!