Monday, September 7, 2009

Labor Day...

A fun filled weekend...

...and I'm highly distracted! :o)

Visit here for a few more photos.


Anonymous said...

Dear Ashley,

Thank you for posting this nice photo of you and Ryan. I am glad to hear that you are so highly distracted this weekend - it is for a good cause!!! We are sharing in your happiness... even from miles away!!

Nanci Pelc

Sarah said...

Oh! What a surprise to see this post!! Mama and Daddy saw it first while Leah and I were down making dinner . . . Daddy called for us to come upstairs which made us curious. Then they showed us this post and your mother's post! How very sweet! I so enjoyed seeing all of the photos! Thank you for sharing!!! I hope that the rest of the visit is just as wonderful and fun!!!

By the way, after seeing this post, Leah and I became quite hungry for homemade ice cream! :)

Rose said...

You both make a lovely pair! God bless you, Rose

Ashley said...

How, fun, Ashley!!! Oh wow! I was bursting when I saw this post!! You look absolutely thrilled and VERY happy in this picture!

I love this post!!
Have a GREAT week1

Ashley said...

Mrs. Pelc- What a delight it was for us to find your comment; it brought quite a grin to those of us huddled around the computer!!!

Yes... I too am glad that it was such a distracting weekend... every moment was enjoyed to the fullest... I wouldn't trade it for anything! :o)

Ohhhhh Sarah, you painted quite the picture in my mind!!! I could just see you and Leah wondering what was going on as you made your way to the computer... Thank you for sharing that!

I hope you have a terrific day!

Thank you for your comment Rose!

Ashley Sebo- Your enthusiastic and excited words were tremendously enjoyed by us!!! Thank you! :o)

Lydia said...


I know it has taken me a while to reply... Sorry about that!!!

Mom and I didn't see this post until the day after you posted it- which was a Tuesday. Caleb is playing fall ball again, so I was helping out at practice when Mom called Dad on the cell phone and asked to talk to me.

I wondered why she had called, then she told me she just wanted to "gloat" that she saw pictures first!!! =D We quite enjoyed the pictures from you and your mom. Thank you for sharing!!!

I hope you have a lovely week!!

In Christ,
Lydia W.

Ashley said...

Lydia, Thank you for sharing all that you just did! I immensely enjoyed hearing it!! :o)

Have a great day!