Thursday, August 2, 2007

Of Ducks and Hummingbirds

I have been busy working on some sewing projects that have managed to stretch out longer than they should have. By all rights I should have been done with them by the first of this week, but that just hasn't happened. Despite sewing, other duties, and soap I have managed to have a little bit of FUN!! Here are some of the hysterical and neat highlights from this week!!

Meet "Ferdy the Birdy" (that's what I call him)~ this duck was given to us about 3 or 4 weeks ago and has turned into a very interesting "pet"- that is, if you want to call him a "pet".

You may be asking "why on earth are you telling us about a DUCK????" The answer to that is found in his personality. I'm sure everyone has seen the movie "Babe"..... do you remember the duck that crowed?? This duck has that ducks' personality except that it doesn't crow (thankfully!!). We think that ducks' name was Ferdinand, hence I dubbed it "Ferdy the Birdy".

The duck has been coming up to the house recently and it gets interesting with four dogs and a duck around! Thankfully two of the dogs are laid back enough to not chase it and actually seem to like it, one dog is penned up, and the other dog would chase it if we didn't watch him!!! Ferdy doesn't seem to be to bothered by any of it! It's absolutely hysterical to watch him come running up to the back porch or watch him chase someone back down to the pond!! He bites at anything he thinks has the slightest chances of being edible! It's definately not dull around here!!

Ferdy was taken away from his mother when he was very young and when we put him down at the "pond" it took him a day or two to get into the water. He now loves the water and anyone that happens to spend time fishing..... he bit into his first fishing hook earlier this week. Ferdy is a great asset as he brings much laughter and activity with him where ever he is!!

The Hummingbirds have seemed to have multiplied in number during the past several weeks. Momma, Sayre, and I have counted at least six coming to my feeder!!

I LOVE this picture!!!

Taking a very quick break.

These birds are absolutely beautiful. Each time I see them I am reminded of how God created everything with each little detail in mind. These bird are a perfect example of His creativity and majesty. Just watch them hover and dart about sometime! They are incredible!!!

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