Thursday, January 24, 2008

Just A Note

For the past week a cold has been making its' round in our family. Yesterday was my turn to feel awful and so, I made a nest to curl up in and went to grab my book. This is what I found on my return two minutes later!

"Ni-Ni Asseee"......
were the words that greeted me on my return! Sawyer had claimed my nest as his own (never mind the fact that he had gotten up from his nap half an hour before!) and he was to cute and innocent for me to "displace" him.
He plays "Ni-Ni" after each nap; he spreads his blanket out, grab the pillows off the sofa, lays down, and start "snoring"!

It's great fun having a two year old in the house!

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Paula said...

I am so sorry to hear you all have colds! Sawyer is so sweet! Hope you all are feeling better soon! Blessings, Paula