Thursday, January 24, 2008

Guest Post

Since I have finally succumbed to the sickness that has been making its' rounds through our family, Sayre kindly agreed to do today's' blog post! He took all the pictures and is doing this himself so that I can run to the Post Office and then go "take it easy"!
So with out any further ado....... here is his post!

He has fifteen rabbits and they are all mini Rex except unless otherwise stated.

This is Stormy. She is the rabbit Ashley gave me for Christmas a year ago. This is the rabbit that started my colonies. She has had two litters in the past year. She LOVES to eat and likes boxes in her cage so she can sit on top and get away from the babies.

This is Stormy's' second litter (there is a brown one missing). Their hair doesn't lay flat and adds to their already funny looks! They are very friendly and will greet you at the door!

This is Ruger. He is the Daddy rabbit. He is shy but likes to sniff everything.

This is Maxy Mag- she was Ashley's' rabbit at one time. She has had two litters but the most recent one didn't survive due to the cold weather. Her hair is long and soft. She likes to be held and is very friendly.

This is Maxy Mag Jr. and she looks and acts like her Mom. She's adventurous and likes to be with small dogs. She likes follow her sister around their cage!
This is Teddy and is Maxy Mag Jr. sister. Her fur is white on her stomach and chin, and has a cotton tail. She LOVES to explore and is funny. She really like to jump out of the cage so that she can get out and explore!
This is Doe-Shot. She is the from Stormy's first litter. She like to run and loves to be pet.
This is Smokey and she is a Lion Head. She likes to greet you when you come up to the cage. She's easy to scare though. She likes to jump out the cage door whenever it's left open.
This is my un-named rabbit. She is a Lion Head mix and looks like she could use a haircut! She is shy and likes her hay in her food bowl.

This is Lila and she is Ashley's Dog. She likes to play and is not obedient when she's happy and wound up! She waits for me to come into her pen and get the rabbits water every morning!

I look forward to doing another post whenever Ashley lets me!


Paula said...

Sayre your post is wonderful! What beautiful rabbits you have. I can see they are well taken care of! They look so soft and sweet. You took really good pictures. I especially like the one with all the bunnies in a box. They are all so pretty! Ashley's dog is so cute and reminds me of how our poodle Pearl can be when she is wound up! I am sure your sister will have you do another guest post soon! My twelve year old son Justin enjoyed your post too!

Ashley said...

Mrs. Paula,
Thank You for your comment! I really liked getting it! I'm glad you liked my rabbits and I'm sure they -the rabbits- will enjoy hearing how you like them! I have fun with them (especially the babies) and enjoy doing stuff with them!

Paula said...

Thank you for the kind note! Your sweet rabbits are blessed to have you! I know the babies must be especially fun!