Monday, January 28, 2008

Waiting for Spring

Last Years Garden Drew Many a Butterfly!
If you were to have observed me the past few weeks, you would have found me with my head in a nursery catalogue, garden magazine, or a butterfly book. It seems that this time of year is when the nurseries decide (or plot) that their catalogues need to be delivered to our doorstep, thus inducing "spring fever" on many a poor soul. I am among those who have this fever creeping up on them. At least I live in the south and can do something to try and abate this "illness"!

A Primrose!
Now, nursery's' aren't the only places that put out their plants for all to see (although they are in catalogues).... NO, Lowe's also happens to think that we need plants.... NOW!
To make a long story short, Mama and I went to Lowe's two weeks ago for curtain rods and came home with nine primroses for our gardens (in addition to curtain rods!)!

I have a real weakness for cheerful looking plants especially if I'm in a garden center! This is why I buy through nurseries!
I've been planning my garden around drawing butterflies and birds this summer, so I've neglected to plan for the spring flowers. Thankfully I got four primroses that will bring a little color in for quite a few weeks! The one we bought will form large clumps, bloom through the spring and possibly into early summer, and are so cheerful that they make me smile each time I walk past them!

"Poise and Serenity"
Right now the primroses are being kept inside as we've had some very cold weather. I'm hoping to put mine out in my garden during the next week or two. They like full sun while the air is cold and part shade when it gets warm. They are very tolerant of being transplanted which is a good thing because there is always the possibility that I will be moving them around!!! :o)
Did you know that Primroses signal the start of spring? They are botanically called "primula" as they are the first flowers to bloom in the spring!
Oh my....... how much longer till I can be found with my hands in the dirt and the sun on my back..........

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Paula said...

Dear Ashley, What a beautiful post! I love primroses! They all look so healthy and cheerful. Thank you for the information on how to care for them. I hope I can find a few!
I also have spring fever! I can hardly wait to get my seeds and plants ordered and put them in the ground. O, I look forward to seeing your butterfly and bird garden. I, too, love to plant flowers to attract them both. The photo from last year is so beautiful! Gardening is such fun, and a wonderful gift from God!