Thursday, January 31, 2008

Surfacing For Air!

I think the Lord must want me to learn how to sew...... and do it well that is! The past two Mondays' I have spent cutting out and making several skirts from material that I had forgotten that I had. The rest of the past weeks' were spent doing some sewing for a friend.
Now, the only thing is that I go into Greenville every Thursday for a Horn lesson and to clean several houses. Now, the reason that I think the Lord wants me to learn how to sew is that the past two Thursdays have been cancelled due to one thing or another and I've been able to got a TON of sewing done with this "extra" day now open!!!! It's been great!

"Almost Done!"
This skirt pattern is my all time favorite! It has a yoke instead of a waistband and drapes so gracefully! It's full and allows me to curl up on my bed or in the sofa without being immodest!
I've made it out of corduroy, flannel, and now this "slick" fabric with success!

"Next on My To Make List"
I aquired this pattern over the weekend and am eager to make it!

"Which Shall I Make?"
Well, I want the pin tucks but I'm not so sure about that ruffle...... I'll probably make View A without the ruffle for this first time around. I'll confer with Momma about using a short sleeve pattern piece from another pattern next time (Hancocks has some beautiful rayon fabric that would look terrific in this pattern!!! I'm just waiting for a coupon!)

"The Fabric"
Momma bought me some "dull satin" (on sale of course!) several months ago and I think it will work well with this pattern! Oh...... writing this is getting me excited!!! I think I'd better quit before I ignore my conscience and begin work on this blouse!!

I must finish my current project......


Paula said...

Dear Ashley, I am so glad you have been able to get a lot of sewing done, and that you are enjoying it! The skirt you made is just beautiful! Could you let me know what pattern you used?
Marmee's blouse pattern is so lovely and feminine! That is on my list to purchase.
I think the blue satin is gorgeous and will look really pretty for the blouse you are going to make. I can hardly wait to see it finished! Enjoy your sewing! The Lord bless you! Paula

Ashley said...

Mrs. Paula,
Again, Thank you for the comment!
It looks like I won't be able to get Marmee's pattern made anytime soon. I've become involved with sewing for a business and we've come down to "crunch time". Maybe next week!

Paula said...

Dear Ashley,
You are so welcome! I know all will go well with your sewing, and the business will be very pleased with your work!
I am sure you will get to Marmee's pattern soon, then you can take time to enjoy sewing it! Have a lovely day! Paula