Friday, January 11, 2008

Going Back in Time

Lately, I've been doing allot of thinking about the highlights from last year. The Jamestown Quadricentennial Celebration was definitely the biggest highlight for me as it was a time of celebration and learning. So, I thought I would give y'all a glimpse into what took place as well as rehearsing once again this wonderful trip!
Hang on to your hats, this might be really long!

Our humble abode while in Jamestown
We stayed, with some very dear friends, at a campground somewhere near to where all the activities were going to take place (near defined as in a twenty to thirty minute drive!). The campground was situated with a set of train tracks that had high speed trains coming down it pretty regularly. They really seemed to like coming at night!

"The Main Drag"
Our friends had pulled their trailer (camper, whatever it is) up and had reserved a space "near the Castlebury Cottage" (yes, I'm pretty sure their reservations were made with those words! Correct me if I'm wrong Bethany!). Collin and Caleb pitched a tent "out back" of our cottage so that they could hang out!

"The Botkin Men"
I have to laugh each time I see this picture! Everyone of them is looking in a different direction but yet I get the sense that they are each focused on a different task at hand.

Many of those that attended were dressed in period costumes. Boys and men dressed in armour and carried swords. Women and Girls wore long dresses in many different designs! It was really neat.

"Opening Ceremonies"
The week long celebration opened with Doug Phillips introducing the men who would give tours and tell us the stories of the founding of Jamestown.

"The First Landing"
As soon as Mr. Phillips finished the opening remarks and introductions, our attention was drawn to the river, where we saw three boats coming for shore.

"The Landing"
The First Landing and the planting of the cross was re-enacted and brought to life before our eyes. I had never thought about his aspect as "really happening", but now I wonder "what was it really like"? Where was the ship that they had come from? What was the weather like? What did the scenery look like to them?

"Jamestown- from the river"
On Tuesday (day after the opening ceremonies), we were able to take a boat tour down the James (I think it was the James, and I'm to lazy to get up and go find out). As we rode toward Jamestown, places were pointed out to us that had a bearing in history.
The "point" on the far right, in the picture, is the tercentennial monument.
The John Smith Statue is to the right of the middle of the picture (it's green!).
On the left are the excavations that are being done. They've found all sorts of artifacts and chimney foundations!
The Church is right in the middle of the group of trees that are behind the John Smith monument.

"Faith and Freedom Tour"
We were able to go on three Faith and Freedom tours during the week. Col. Eidsmoes' tour of Jamestown was my favorite as he had a deep booming voice and could paint the scenes in my mind! I'm afraid that I don't remember what all was covered in the tours. I wish I did.

"In Williamsburg"
We also had a Faith and Freedom tour in Williamsburg with Dan Ford and Micheal Billings. Mr. Ford had many original documents that he used to help us understand "the times". Micheal Billings made me want to learn more about the founding of our country as he passionately told us about certain documents, people, and situations as we walked through a part of the town.

"Through the Streets of Williamsburg"

"A Old Well"
My Mother went nuts in Williamsburg! There were gardens galore, old houses, a "shop" where you could buy plants, and old churches with graveyards!

"Cottage Garden"
Mmmm..... I can feel my gardening juices getting warmed up!

"Another Cottage Garden"
This garden was my favorite as it was full of color and very "organized". Flowers lined the fence and the grass in the middle was lined with flowers! There were two paths, one around the perimeter and one cutting through the middle of the garden.

"The Garden Center"
This quaint little garden store sold plants, seeds, books, and anything associated with gardening! Daddy bought me a bird bottle (bird house) for my garden which I'm very anxious to get up this spring!
Momma took picture after picture here! They had "old fashioned" garden tools and made their own trellis's for plants to grow on! Oh boy, I can feel garden fever coming on..... and it's only January!


Ella said...

What lovely photos! I would love to have gone to Jamestown...but Virginia is rather far from where I live!

Ashley said...

Thank you for your comment!
You would've really enjoyed the trip! The fellowship was amazing and the lectures and tours made you want to learn more about the founding of our country!
It was a nine to twleve hour drive for us but I know it would've taken longer for your family.