Monday, February 25, 2008

Catching Up

The past two weeks have been full to overflowing! Something is always happening or being accomplished! Here are a few of the "highlights" from our "silent weeks"!

Tristan has been busily working on clearing brush, cutting down trees, and now setting fence posts the past several months! He is working toward getting two cows this spring and is becoming very excited as the time for their "arrival" draws nearer!

Two weekends ago, Sawyer helped Tristan distribute the fence posts around the pasture! They both had a blast! As you can tell, Sawyer LOVES keys!

Jasper and Buck happily watch the proceedings and look for an opportunity to run off! They truly have an ideal dogs life!

Sawyer has figured out that the keys go in the ignition, you turn the wheel to make it go, and you have to move that stick on the floor back and forth as you go. He hasn't gotten it down pat yet, but Tristan's' working with him on it!

The calf is growing by leaps and bounds! It is so much more alert and watches us as we walk past or go into the dog pen. It still doesn't like you to be in its' pen; it will run around if you try to come near it.
You can actually get it to "moo" back at you but you have to make the right "moo" sound which Trevor has seemed to accomplish!! He was "mooing" at it from the car yesterday and it was "mooing" back! He has such talent!

There is a story behind my walk into the garden..... Last spring I decided that I should plant part of our "overpopulation of iris's " around the garage (the iris beds pictured and the walk were not there). As I began to dig I hit rock and brick (not unusual here) but it soon became apparent that I had actually hit a "structure" of some sort. I spent the rest of the day unearthing this walkway which no one knows where it went. So, I integrated it into my garden!

After putting down new pine straw in the garden (which we can rake up from around the place) I decided that I'd go ahead and "mulch" the pansies and put straw down in the garden path (after weeding of course). Buck found the perfect spot to sleep on a warm spring day!

My Bunny collection will be featured throughout my garden this summer! I finally got around to sealing them a week ago and they looked so happy that I just had to share them!

Wednesday night found us running in and out of the house to look at the moon! It was cold out there so we didn't bring out the lawn chairs to watch the eclipse!

I really enjoyed watching the eclipse..... and having the moonlight come through my bedroom window!

Momma got the Little Kitchen all fixed up for "ham man" and for the children that visit us from time to time! Sawyer is sitting in the "refrigerator" and enjoys scaring us as we walk past!

Well, that catches me up on the past several weeks...... now I can start thinking about daily posts!!! Hmmm...... what would YOU all like to hear about?


Paula said...

Dear sweet Ashley,
I enjoyed your "catch up" post so much! All the photos are just beautiful! You and your family have been busy! Sawyer is so cute and the doggies look like they are having fun too! I am glad the calf is doing well, I would love to hear it moo.

I love the garden path you unearthed! Oh, you must have been so excited!!! It looks so pretty and is a welcome addition to your garden I am sure.

We use pine mulch as well, and Pearl likes to lay in it, just like Buck!

The rabbits are so sweet. You have an adorable collection! I have several rabbits throughout our garden too. I love how you have them all arranged on your bench. I know you will have fun setting them about your garden.

The eclipse is beautiful, and Sawyer looks so happy in his new play kitchen.

Of course, I enjoy hearing about everything you write about!!!!

Ashley said...

Mrs. Paula,
Thank you for your comment! I'm glad you enjoyed everything!