Friday, February 8, 2008

A Completed Project!

This has been an abmormal week for me. It's been chock full of places to go, piano lessons to give, houses to clean, a horn lesson to attend, two hours of travel time done twice this week, and the list could go on and on!
I've still found time to blog (amazingly!) somehow and I worked on a "fix-it-up" project!

Remember This?
My dear mother gave up "ownership" of this poor neglected sign and transferred it to my "tender loving care"!

The Finished Project!
I was able to paint it all in one day (I dislike it greatly when projects drag on and on) and am fairly happy with how it turned out! My handwriting is not the best so "writing" with a paint brush was a challenge. But, at least you can read it!
I just love the barbed wire hanger! I think I'll make one for my Mamma now!

Among other things going on here... We have company!

Tristan and Collin have been helping a neighbor feed his cattle every evening for about a month now. They have gotten some real hands on experiance with giving cows shots, feeding them, and in general learning how to care for them.
The boys brought this little girl home Wednesday night. Her Mamma had become sick and as a result it had to be put down. The boys are "bottle feeding" her and doing all sorts of things to get her to eat.

She's only a little bigger than Lila (pictured) who weighs about fifty-five pounds. Collin let Lila in with the calf this morning and I think Lila would've mothered her if she, Lila, hadn't been so excited about being out of her pen!
Sawyer likes the "baby cow" and talks about her whenever he sees Collin!


Paula said...

Dear Ashley,
You have been busy! I hope you get some rest this weekend! I am so glad you found time to work on your sign. It looks great! I love the colors you chose and your handwriting is just fine. It is more difficult to write with a paintbrush, but you did a great job. I like the barbed wire hanger, too. I know your mom will like having one of these. Maybe you could make some for the Wash Basin, too!
I am so glad you shared your finished project and a picture of the calf that Tristan and Collin are taking care of. She is adorable and it is sad her momma had to be put down! I know she is getting good care and will be stronger soon! I got so tickled about Lila just being excited to be out of her pen! I love the picture with Sawyer, Lila and the calf.
Have a lovely weekend! Paula

~CarolineNot said...

Ashley, I linked through to your blog, and your clever, refurbished sign has given me my first laugh-aloud of the day. I hope you'll be flattered if I try my hand at mimicking it this spring on the KS plains. ºÜº

Ashley said...

Thank you for your comment!!! I'm so glad that you liked the sign!!! It gave me great pleasure in refurbishing it!!! I hope you enjoy yours as much as I'm enjoying mine!!