Monday, February 4, 2008

It's the Simple Things....

I'm finding that I am enjoying the simple things in life more and more......Things like.....

Watching Sawyer climb all over the fresh cut logs as he explores and works on his balance skills! He laughs in delight each time he makes it over one!

Putting my arbor up on the spur of the moment. Trevor and Sayre were so kind to just say "hey, lets do it now!" when all I had in mind was looking to see if it needed a concrete base!

Momma's decorating. Old Clothespins on an old sink! Very nice!
Finding and examining a birdhouse while on a walk.
It reads.... "Homes for BlueBirds. Bailey N.C."

Watching Sayre keep Sawyer occupied and out of trouble while "the ladies" are cooking! Sayre plays with him in such a way that keeps us all laughing at their antics! Ni-Ni is Sawyer game of choice......

Finding an old sign that needs some paint help.
It reads... "Weeds For Sale.... You Pick"
Yes, I'm going to paint it!

And lastly, the first flower of spring was found yesterday afternoon! Thus begins our beautiful Daffodil season!!!


Paula said...

Dear Ashley,
I love simple things too, and I enjoyed your post! The photos are beautiful and your home and garden are beautiful! I know you are excited about spring! I am so happy that you have a new arbor, and that your brothers were happy to install it for you! Sawyer looks like he is having such fun on the logs and with Sayre! The bluebird house is sweet, and the weed sign is so rustic. I hope you will post a photo after you paint it. The Daffodil is pretty and so cheerful, and I really like the basket of old clothespins with the pretty pink primrose. I like how your mom decorates! It is wonderful how the Lord blessed us with so many simple, but lovely things. You did a wonderful job of capturing this in your photos!

Ashley said...

Mrs. Paula,
Your comments are such a blessing! Thank you for them!
My Dad is picking up paint on his way home tonight and I hope to get the first coat down tomorrow!! I'm so excited to see how the sign turns out!! It's always exciting to fix something up.... it's rather like cleaning a messy room up!!!

Paula said...

Dear Ashley,
You are welcome! Thank you for writing! You are so sweet and your posts are a blessing to me!
I am so glad your dad purchased some paint for your sign. I know it will turn out beautifully! Enjoy painting, and please share a photo when you are finished!
I agree with just what you said, it is exciting to fix something up, just like cleaning a messy room. You feel such a sense of accomplishment and it beautifies your surroundings.
Have a lovely day! Blessings, Paula