Wednesday, February 6, 2008

For Rainy Days...

One of the ongoing projects that I have is building my own recipe book. I've been collecting the recipe's of foods that are a HUGE hit with my family (or that I think are just incredibly good)for several years now, and I finally began to file them sometime last fall.

I really don't have that many recipe's but yet I have enough to need to do something with them!

A Page Out of My Recipe Book
My recipe book is based on my Momma's. She has a four inch think three ring binder that is just chock full of good stuff along with another binder filled with all the "sweet stuff" and "party" ideas!

My All Time Favorite Recipe Cards
I have three different styles of recipe cards (gooseberry patch, lined note cards, and some random recipe cards) but the ones pictured above are my favorite!!! You can find them HERE . They came from Small Meadows Press which is a Home Business that makes and sells stationary and all kinds of good stuff!!! You really need to go take a peek at the website!!! When I get some free cash, I'm going to purchase the Jane Austen Missives which is in essence note paper. I'm always needing to write a note to someone these days!!
I just loooooove the website!!!

Gluing the Recipe Cards to the Paper
I glue the recipes to the "notebook paper" and then stick them under a think stack of heavy books to make sure they are really glued down. I've found that the heavier recipe card will cause the notebook paper to curl up; setting books on top of them causes it all to lay flat.

Other Good Stuff....
My recipe book is not just for recipe's!! I've also collected several interesting articals, thoughts, and ideas/inspirations that are just sitting in a drawer, so why not just include them in my book???


This project gets worked on in spurts and is perfect for those rainy cold days or when I'm not feeling well! One always has plenty of recipes to cull through in our family!!!


Paula said...

Dear Ashley,
Your recipe book is a great idea! I also like the articles you included for inspiration.
I love Small Meadow Press, too. She has so many beautiful things! I think the Jane Austen missives are wonderful, and would be just as enjoyable for the writer as they will be for the receiver!

Paula said...

Dear Ashley,
I found an empty binder on our bookshelf! I am going to start adding my favorite recipes, inspiring articles, etc. It will be so nice to have this all in one place. Thank you for the wonderful idea! You will have a nice notebook full of good things when you get married! I think your mom started a family heirloom!

Ashley said...

Mrs. Paula,
I'm so excited to hear that you're going to start your own recipe book!! That's so neat!
Having your own PERSNAL recipe book is so nice because you have a source for all of the good foods that your family enjoys to the utmost!!
Happy recipe hunting!

Paula said...

Hi Ashley,
Thank you so much! I know I will enjoy filling it up and making it pretty like yours!
You and you mom are so creative!
Blessings, Paula