Thursday, February 28, 2008

What I Sometimes Find...

There are definite advantages of being the oldest in a family. I get to experience first hand the "antics" and the creative games that the younger ones come up with!!! All but two of my brothers are in the "teenage years" which makes life interesting at times!
Sayre and Sawyer on the other hand are twelve years old and two years old and keep us laughing all the time! Here are a few ideas of what I find in my room at least once a week.....

Where did the child go????
I walked into my room one evening and found Sawyer's clothes laid out on the bed just like he had been laying down and then had his body evaporate! I had to laugh!!!!!

The cat is not related to anything that Sayre and Sawyer come up with. However, I do find her sleeping in my drawers (she climbs in before I can get all of my laundry put away!) or sleeping ON TOP of the things I'm working on!

Normal play for Sayre and Sawyer!
On Monday Momma had to run an errand so the boys and I were left at home! I was busy cleaning the bathroom when I peek out to see what Sawyer is doing and I find Sayre "bundling him up" on my bed! As you can tell, his teddy bears are also included in their play!
Even though there is an age difference of ten years between S&S, they are still good buddies and incredible playmates for each other!

Another thing that I have been finding lately, are at least three of the five boys "crashing" on my bed around nine o'clock in the evening!!! I'm not sure what the draw is, but I can guarantee you that if one of them appears in my room, the others will soon follow!!!
I think I have some really neat and special brothers!


Paula said...

Oh what a fun post! I can see that your brothers adore you as much as you do them, and they keep you well entertained and smiling all the time! My 12 year old son Justin enjoyed this post too, and he thought it was nice how your brothers like your room!

Ashley said...

Mrs. Paula,
Yes, they keep me a little to well entertained at times!!!
I think it's really neat that the boys like to crash in my room! Sometimes it's hard not to get annoyed at them for doing it (they get the dog worked up or decide to cause trouble) but I'm really glad for the fond memories of these times that I'll have in several years!

Paula said...


I am sure they do! You have a good attitude though, and they will have fond memories as well, of their sweet sister!