Thursday, February 28, 2008

Spring Time Flowers

Spring time is probably my "most favorite" time of year (pardon the bad English). I love watching the buds form and begin to emerge and I love the flowers that begin blooming in mid-February!

We knew when we moved here over a year and a half ago that we were getting a special house with special land! We just didn't realize how special our place was until last spring when we saw all of the daffodils blooming all over the place!

They were in clumps, by themselves, out in the field, in the garden, and in many other places that we had never even dreamed of looking! It's obvious that the previous owners loved the happy spring time flowers!

Amidst the daffodils you will find one or two other spring time flowers. I think that this is a Hyacinth... I think. I don't exactly remember what it looked like last year other than that it was a beautiful purple color! This is the only clump of Hyacinth that we have here. I'm also sorry to say that we don't have any crocus'. We find that very interesting and have plans to plant some bulbs this fall.

There are many different varieties of Daffodils around here. We have the "normal" ones, ones that have yellow petals and white centers, one that have orange centers, miniature daffodils, ones with thin spindly leaves, ones with thick leaves, double daffodils, and I know I'm forgetting some. We literally have daffodils blooming all the way through April!! It's beautiful!!!
I cannot wait to go gather a fistful of these happy flowers for my room!!

We also have these "flowers". They come up in huge clumps and cover a large space of ground. We don't know what they are and since they didn't bloom last spring we are assuming that they bloom every other year!

Here is a close up. Does anyone know what they might be?
Oh I just love spring!!


Paula said...


Spring is my favorite season too, and Easter my favorite holiday! The photos you have taken are just beautiful! It is such a blessing that the previous owners loved to garden like you and your mom do, and planted so many pretty bulbs!

I do not know what the last picture is, but if it blooms I am sure you would be able to identify it. I do hope it blooms.

Ashley said...

Mrs. Paula,
Yes, I'm anxious awaiting to see if "the unknown plants" bloom this spring. If they don't... well, I'll be puzzeled as to why they even bothered to plant them. Momma mentioned today that it was neat to see how these plants and the daffodils pushed the mulch up to create little mounds!!
As always, Thank You for your comment!

Paula said...

I agree, I think they will probably bloom too, or they would not have planted them. It is neat how they pushed the mulch up! You are so welcome, as I am so happy to leave comments for all your wonderful posts!