Saturday, February 23, 2008

Up and Running Once Again!

Friends~It is with great joy that I am once again doing a blog post from the comfort of my home! What a delight! Our "vacationing computer" is no longer able to serve us and has/is going to be put to rest in computer fashion (whatever that may be). My dear Daddy bravely faced rush hour traffic on Friday night, to run over to Woodruff Road (which is NOT the place to be on a rainy day in rush hour traffic) and pick out a new computer for our family. We all are already enjoying the fruits of his bravery to the fullest extent.
It might be a day or so before pictures appear back up on the blog. I have to re-load the software hoping all the while that I don't have the same problem with it this time around! I've probably taken around one hundred pictures during the past two weeks including some from the eclipse on Wednesday night!! Was the moon red where y'all were? Here, the moon only had a tint of red but it was still really neat!!
Well, I must be off. I'm so glad tomorrow is Sunday.... I really need a Day Of Rest.
Good Night!

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Paula said...

Dear Ashley,

I am so glad your Dad braved the traffic and purchased a new computer for you and your family. I look forward to seeing the pictures you have been taking. I missed the eclipse! Have a good day of rest!