Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Another Book Review

The "Wrestler of Philippi" by Fanny E. Newberry was next in line to be read. As I began reading, I quickly noticed that there were several parallels to "The Spanish Brothers". One was the persecution of Christians and another the tremendous faith of the Christians.

Set in the time of the Apostle Paul (AD 50 or so) the book focus' on three main characters; Hector who is a trained Olympian, his sister Salome who begins the book as a girl who believes in the gods' because "that what everybody does", and finally the younger brother Herklas who has been missing since the book begins. We are introduced to Christians whose simple faith and trust in God, their thirst for becoming more Christlike, and forgiveness toward others is truly inspiring and convicting. We also get a glimpse in the wickedness of Roman emperor Nero's court and see how sin and covetousness will ruin ones life. The last several chapters are amazingly riveting and you will not be able to put it down! The author weaves a wonderful chain of events that keeps the reader guessing with each ensuing chapter! This is another highly recommended book!
As I read, I was convicted again and again of my lack of faith and trust in all that God brings my way. Also, as I read about what the Christians suffered and yet the joy that they had in the midst of their sufferings, I myself was challenged to delve deeper into God's Word and to apply it more to my life. "Delight thyself also in the Lord..." Psalm 37:4


Sarah said...

Yet another excellent sounding book, Ashley! Thank you for the review!


"The Wrestler of Philippi" is among my favorites! Lamplighter books are wonderful! :)

I've very much enjoyed looking around your blog!! I found it though a comment that you had left on Sarah Plec's blog. :)

~Emily :)