Monday, September 29, 2008

A Peek Into the Past few Days

As I was downloading pictures from my camera earlier this morning I was wondering what I was going to do today's post on. Nothing earth shattering is going on and life is going by as normally as can be! So, let me share several pictures and maybe you can imagine the rest!

"A Sick Little Boy
A cold is beginning to make its round through my family. Sayre and Sawyer were the first victims but they made the most of it by making nests on the sofa or yellow chair and watching goofy videos like Buster Keaton or Andy Griffith.
Yes, Sawyer wore that look for several hours Friday afternoon! It was quite cute!

Trevor is almost to the point where he can start the plumbing and electrical! Today he is putting the decking boards down on the porch and I do believe that he has the windows in! I can only imagine the sense of satisfaction he has when he steps back and observes what his hard work has done.

"From the Hill"
About halfway up the hill, the trees open up and you can see Trevor's house... it's a wonderful site to see! The camera cannot even begin to capture the picturesque setting; you just have to see it in real life!

"Preparation for the Fence"
Tristan is still digging holes for the wooden corner posts. He's been at it for about four weeks now and I know he anxious to get it done.

"Antics before Sunday Dinner"
Sawyer loves to be roughed up and messed with! He will "come and get you" just so that you will come and get him (which means he gets tickled!).
I think he had been messing with Collin right before he got picked up by his belt!

"Sunday Dinner"
As we walked in the door from church, the smell of Sunday Dinner hit you. Ahhh, Momma had fixed Bar-b-que pork, Green Bean Casserole, Corn, and Iced Tea! Oh, it was wonderful!
Since Momma had kept S&S home from church she had time to make sure that dinner was extra special. Grandma's china was used, candles were lit, and coffee cups were on the table! It felt as if it were Thanksgiving or Chrismas!
We had a wonderful lunch; one that I will remember for quite some time!

"The Boys"
Can anyone tell me what is unique about this picture? It might take some close observing... no, it's not the shoes Sawyer is wearing!


Lydia W. said...

I hope y'all are feeling better soon!
WOW! Trevor is really working hard!
I love the picture of Collin "getting" Sawyer. :-)
Hmm... something unique about that picture? Is it that Sayre is now about the same height as Trevor? Or maybe that Sawyer is all wet? Or am I completely missing something? (which is known to happen...)

Lauren W. said...

I LOVE that photo of Collin when he picked Sawyer up by his belt.
I thought Trevor was Tristan! Is it that Sawyer is wet?

Ashley said...

Lydia and Lauren- Thank you for your kind wishes for our health. It is much appreciated! Sayre told me that I was acting delerious earlier this morning and I'm not sure how I should intrepret that. Oh well, Thank you!
Actually, no it's not Sawyers shirt being wet or that Sayre is about as tall as Trevor. You need to look a little harder!

Sarah said...

What fun photos, Ashley!

I am so sorry that some of your family members have been sick! I hope that they get well soon and that the rest of your family stays healthy.

The progress on the house is amazing! Our whole family has enjoyed the house construction photos as this is something we will be doing before long out at my brother's land. Not to mention all the construction we do on our own house! :)

The photo of the house from a distance shows the beautiful setting! What a homey house and place to live. :)

How large of an area are you fencing in? Is it for your cattle?

That is a hilarious photo of Collin and Sawyer! It looks like they have a great deal of fun together!

The meal that your Mom made sounds delicious! Not to mention the beautiful table setting! I am sure that you all enjoyed it. :)

I looked and looked at that bottom photo, and my terribly unobservant mind could not come up with anything unique . . . I sure am curious though! :)

Ashley said...

Thank you for the get well wishes for the boys Sarah! They have been acting normal for several days but they still have the croupy sounding cough in addition to sneezing. The cold is making it's rounds though...

I'm glad y'all are enjoying the construction pictures! It's so exciting to see Trevor's dream become reality and then to think that HE built it! WOW!

Collin thinks that the area Tristan is fencing in is about fifteen acres. He has plans to put moo cow out there and then buy several more. He sits in the living room at night reading cow books or figuring numbers out, so he's definately making plans!

I can't explain why I was so affected by Momma's obvious care with duiiner. Maybe it was because she had put her whole heart into the meal... She is such an example to me!

Ahhh, the picture... :o) Maybe since I took it I can see the unique part. I'll give you a hint. It has to do with Trevor and Sayre; it's more evident with Sayre though...

Thelma said...

Hey Ashley! :)

Anna and I were reading your blog this morning. :) We were wondering if the unique part in the last picture had anything to do with Trevor and Sayre having their shoes untied and on the wrong feet. :) Then with additional thinking we thought that this might just be an everyday occurrence with them. Thus this comment we are writing to inquire if your brothers normally wear their shoes on the wrong feet, if their feet are on the wrong legs, or if this had absolutely nothing at all to do with the uniqueness of the picture???
Curiously awaiting your reply (… Please do send one),
Anna and Thelma

Ashley said...

Yes Thelma, you and Anna are correct! Trevor and Sayre have their shoes on the wrong feet and they are untied (which tells one that this picture has been staged)!

My level of influence with Trevor is very limited these days. YOU, Thelma, must discuss the shoes on the wrong feet issue with him! I do know that his feet are connected to the proper appendages. Now, I do ask that you say something about his "cowboy boots" that he seems to really like... maybe being unemployed is beginning to get to him!! :o)

Out of curiosity, how long did it take the two of you to figure the uniqueness out?

Thelma said...

Are you saying you don't like his boots??? :) I don't mind them when his pant legs are pulled down over them. :) No matter what I say your brother will do as he wants to. I do believe your mother has more influence then I do. Hmmm, what does she think of them?

About the picture... I noticed it right off and instantly started laughing. (She was laughing hilariously at ALL your pictures!)

Sawyer is so cute! I love the picture.

Mom told me yesterday that you and Tristan were coming down with the cold. Are ya‘ll feeling any better?

(… Oh and please tell your mom I have the paper for the project.)

~Anna and Thelma

Ashley said...

Well, Thelma and Anna, y'all are correct in assuming that I do not like his cowboy boots for I have yet to see the pants NOT tucked into his boots! I don't know what Momma would think of them. I'm not even sure if she has seen them tucked in or not! :o)

Mmm... I think Tristan is getting over the cold but today has been the first day all week that I actually feel half way normal. Noon isn't here yet, which is when I really start to feel bad.
Thanks for asking!

O happy day, she has the paper! Ahhhhhh...

Sarah said...

So that is what was unique in the photo! I totally missed that one. ;) Thank you, Thelma, for providing the correct answer! My curiosity is satisfied . . . :)

Lydia W. said...

Well, I didn't notice either, and Mom told me before I had a chance to examine it further. Maybe I'll get it next time. :-)

Hope everyone is feeling back to normal now!