Friday, September 12, 2008

In the Gardens and Around the House

Have you ever had one of those days where you have to go somewhere, or get something done, in addition to somehow manage accomplishing all of your housework? Every single day this week has been like that for me! From running a stray dog to the Humane Society one day, giving piano lessons the next, taking another dog to the clinic-breaking down and getting home at lunch time- the following day, and then picking the dog up from the clinic the next day; it's been "just one of those weeks"! I'm so glad that today is Friday and I've been using to catch up on all of those things that "didn't happen" because of all the running around!

"Isn't the way that these cumulus clouds are sandwiched between the flat clouds neat?"
We have had several nice days that alternate between rainy to cool and cloudy. Gardening is wonderful on these cool cloudy days!

It is very common to hear okra referred to "okry" by the "old timers" around here!
The Okra plants that Daddy had planted early this summer are now bearing fruit! We had given up hope on having any this year as it just wasn't growing. The rain that we have received over the past month or so must has really helped these plants. We've had fried okra already and boy was it good!
The plants are waist high and the okra itself can get huge!

"The New Walkway"
My own garden has been doing wonderfully lately. I finished the walkway and I have started on the never ending task of pulling weeds and trimming bushes. I planted my pansy seeds and I have begun the process of getting the lavender and poppy bed ready for the fall scattering of seeds.

"Wildlife in the Garden"
It's not a common thing for me to find lizards in my garden but this little guy was really enjoying the caladiums one day. It was so interesting to see him jump from one leaf to another.

"Velvet Queen Sunflowers"
The late crop of sunflowers are blooming in full force! Their colors are so cheerful and I love how their heads droop down.

Moving on to the "around the house news"; Lila has taken to perching herself on top of the dirt pile all day long (upper left hand corner). I'm not sure if she is using the dirt to keep herself cool or if she's trying to send me a message about Maggie!

"Not the normal exercise for cow face to impose upon herself"
Sayre has a mining operation going on on top of the dirt pile- that's what all the logs and rocks are about- and as I was examining them yesterday I heard the sound of hoof beats. Imagine my heart rate as Moo Cow came charging up the dirt pile directly at me... watching seven hundred pounds come straight at you is not exactly something that I want to see everyday, so as she paused to sniff the dog bowls I charged the gate which was kind-of-sort-of nearby! Upon further observation I deduced that she was just "feelin' frisky" or maybe the flies were getting to her. Either way, I don't trust an animal that is allot larger than I am and is not easily scared away by me.

"Our most "Prized Possession""
This is an honest to goodness outhouse that sits out on the edge of the field. It's a "double seater" and I think it would make a good potting shed or a nice place to keep livestock accoutrement's.

"New Fabric"
I found this fabric at Hobby Lobby and I'm agonizing over what I should make out of it. I originally was going to make a skirt but then I thought of making an apron.

"Close Up"
The skirt pattern I love has not only side seams but also front and back seams, so I don't think that the stripe would line up at the front and back seams. What do you think? Would it look to odd?
It would make a cute apron...

" To be Read"
These books are what I'm reading at the moment. "How to raise Horses" is being read because most of us talk about getting a horse (and because Daddy bought it for me to read!), "How to Be You Dog's Best Friend" is being read because I'm trying to teach Maggie some good manners, and "Cobwebs and Cables" is being read because it's next of "my Lamplighter to read list"!


Anonymous said...

I definitely like the apron idea! Very cute. OR maybe a vest?

Sarah said...

What an enjoyable update, Ashley! My! You have been busy. :)

I did not know that you gave piano lessons! How long have you been doing that? How many students do you have?

I have never had ‘Okry’ before . . . what does it taste like? That is wonderful that it is growing well for you now!

The walkway in your garden is lovely! It makes me want to walk down it and sit awhile on the bench enjoying the beauty of your gardens. :) You did a great job making it!

I am sure the little lizard afforded you a bit of entertainment. He is tiny! We do not have any colored like that here in Missouri (at least, I do not think that we do! ;)

The photo of Lila and Maggie is funny! It does look like Lila is trying to send you a message! ;)

Oh my! That would make my heart race, too, to have a cow running at me! I’m glad nothing came out of that little bit of excitement.

That little outhouse is so cute! It would make a nice little garden shed . . . it looks so old-timey.

I love your fabric, Ashley! It would make a lovely apron! It may not work as well, though, for a skirt with front and back seams. :/ But then, if you ‘finagle’ the fabric a bit, you may get it to work!

The books that you are reading look delightful! I know that I would enjoy immersing myself in them . . . though, I might want to trade the horse one for one about cattle. :)

Thank you for the update, Ashley, and I hope that you have a blessed Sunday with your family!

Ashley said...

Anonymous- Thank you for your suggestions and I agree that it would make a really cute apron! :o)

Sarah-I'm glad you enjoyed the update!

I've been giving piano lessons for at least three years now. All together I have four students and three are from the same family. I'm learning to put my thoughts and "ways I've learned" into words which is hard for me to do. I write better than I talk! :o)

Okra... I'm not sure how you would describe it's taste. I think it might be rather bland just by itself. I've always had it fried or in a vegetable stew with fried being the preferred way (we really don't eat allot of fried foods here! It's simply that these fried foods are a treat when we do have them! :o)

I agree with the stripes in the fabric not matching up. I could use a simple "full" skirt pattern... Do you have a favorite apron pattern?

Out of curiosity, do you prefer cattle to horses? :o) Meat cattle or dairy?

Thank you for stopping by!

Sarah said...

That is wonderful that you have the opportunity to teach piano, Ashley! I am sure that you are a great teacher. :)

Thank you for explaining a bit more about okra! We might have to try growing it sometime.

We have only used one apron pattern before, and it is one that we like quite a bit! (The pattern can be found on this website: Do you have a favorite apron pattern?

I think I prefer cattle to horses. :) I love horses and very much enjoy riding them, but if I could choose which animal to raise, it would definitely be cattle! :) Hmm . . . meat or dairy . . . I like both, but beef cattle would probably rank a bit higher!