Tuesday, September 16, 2008

A Few Things

It is a cool day with an overcast sky that occasionally lets down some drizzle, but I'm warm and cozy inside enjoying the quiet of this time of the afternoon.

"From the Gardens"
A small portion of yesterday afternoon was spent choosing zinnias that would play a part in several flower arrangements. Since today is cloudy, I'm so glad for the time I spent picking these "rays of sunshine" and sprinkling them throughout the house!

"The House that Trevor is Building"
It has been about two weeks since I was last over at Bull Run and allot has been accomplished! Trevor has taken the rest of the week off and is going to be working on his house. I wonder what it will look like by next Sunday...

"A Pile of Wood Needing to be Cut"
His plan for today is to get the floor laid.

"His Handy Helper"
When Sayre found out that Trevor was going to start framing his first words were "Can I help!?" to which Trevor readily replied "Yes! I'm starting at seven-thirty in the morning!". They both have been out there since then and I know they are having a blast!

"In the Sand pile"
Sawyer was oh so excited to be going to Bull Run after lunch, but as soon as we arrived he laid eyes on the sand pile and well... he forgot all about helping Trevor. He did ask him if he could dig in the dirt!

"My Patient"
Buck has been under orders to "take it easy" for a week which means that he has to stay inside (in the shop) only going outdoors when someone is there to watch him. So I've been taking care of him and I'm beginning to wonder if he has decided that I'm his new owner. Yesterday he crawled into my lap as his way of begging for more attention

"New Shoes"
Tristan got new boots last night but Sawyer thinks they are his. He tromped around in them for quite some time and was very loath to give them up!

The rest of my afternoon is going to be spent cutting a new denim skirt out and maybe I'll fit in a chapter or two from the book I'm reading. I love these cool cloudy days in which I can work on the quiet activities that get pushed aside during the sunny days.
Have a wonderful afternoon!


Sarah said...

Rainy days are such nice times to work indoors! It always makes it seem so cozy inside. :) The flower arrangement you made just seems to brighten up the room! You aptly described the flowers . . . “rays of sunshine”. :)

Wow! A lot of progress has been made on the house! It is looking very nice! And it looks and sounds like Trevor has a great helper in Sayre. Sawyer sure seems to be enjoying the sand pile! What is it with little boys and playing in the ‘dirt’!? ;)

Buck is such a pretty dog! What happened to him? He looks rather content in your lap . . . in fact, he looks like he could be falling asleep! You must be a good ‘doctor’. :)

That photo of Sawyer wearing the boots is too cute!

Ashley said...

Ah Sarah, dirt seems to draw all of my brothers like a magnet! Sawyer is the "worst" of them all though!

Oh my Sarah, you don't know how much laughter you brought in this room by noting that "buck is pretty"!!! He is not exactly known for his "beauty" around here! You are the second person in a week to call him "pretty" so something must be happening in his old age!
Buck had surgery and it seems that it has affected his personality for the good! Before, he would sit and stare, was extremely laid back, and just seemed to be lifeless. Now, he jumps around, runs around, has a spark in his eye, and is very lifelike!!! Of course, this could be because he's being shut up by himself... today is the end of his confinement!

Lydia W. said...

Trevor's house is coming along quite nicely! I bet he is glad for Sayre's help! Maybe there will be time to see it in person this weekend....(If not, that's ok.)

Sawyer looks like he really enjoyed playing in that dirt! He is soo cute in those boots! :-)

I am really looking forward to seeing all of y'all this weekend!

Until then,

Ashley said...

I'm hoping y'all will be able to see the house Lydia! It really is exciting to watch it all go up!

Till tomorrow!! :o)