Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Many things have happened since this time last week!! Trevor's house has gone from a foundation to something resembling.....

Actually, this picture was taken last Friday so the framing is almost done! The rafters are on, the sheeting in, house wrap applied, and I hear that there is a porch in the works!

Sayre has been faithfully helping Trevor frame the house and is really enjoying the time spent with his older brother. It's so neat to go over there and see them both up in the rafters or working together to get sheets of plywood up. It is a perfect example of siblings working as friends.

This is looking out from where the front porch will be. Someday soon there will be cattle grazing in that field!

"Thelma's Art"
Picked and arranged by her own hands.

"Trevor Art"
This seems to be normal for him!

On Friday I headed out to watch these children for an entire three days! Oh what fun we had! We spent Friday afternoon getting "reacquainted" with each other and finally decided that it had been about two years since we had last been together.

After Caleb's' ball game on Saturday, I brought the kids over for "The Grand Tour". We walked around the property, peeked into graveyard, and showed them the things that you would want to see if you keep up with my family!

"Touring Trevor's House"
"Left to Right~Christian, Sayre, Caleb, and Lauren. Oh, that's part of Trevor's' arm hanging off the ladder.

"At the Rabbit Cages"
Caleb has the and imagination that rivals Sawyers so he was able to get right down on Sawyer's level to help shoot the bad guys or the deer!

"Christian and Sawyer"
Sunday found all of us attending my family's church in Abbeville as well as a delicious dinner at our house! I was so glad that I had brought the kids over the day before as I felt that they were more at ease with us on Sunday.
I can remember Christian holding Sawyer when he was several months old, and not letting the girls hold him! Thank goodness there was another baby in the church for the girls to hold!

"While We Wait for Sunday Dinner"
Lauren and Sawyer became fast friends on Sunday. While they waited for us to finish lunch preparations the read books and played with his toys; it was sweet to watch.
I hope the kids had as much fun as I did last weekend! It won't soon be forgotten!

So what have I been up to since Sunday? Well...

...combatting fleas has been my top priority lately and I put all my energy into ridding us of them yesterday. ALL four dogs received baths and a powdering of Diatomaceous Earth (DE) when they were dry. I sprayed my room, washed all their bedding, put down DE where Buck sleeps, and dusted the clean bedding with DE. You would think that all that would be enough to cause the fleas to pack up and leave but I'm still going to be dusting the dogs with DE everyday as well as giving baths more than once a week inf necessary! I HATE fleas.
Today is a beautiful breezy day and I will be spending the afternoon outside with the dogs, in the garden, and maybe over at Bull Run! Have a wonderful afternoon!


Lydia W. said...

We definitely had fun Ashley! :-) I love the pics! Especially the one of Trevor! :-)

Sarah said...

Wow!!! A lot of progress has been made on the house, Ashley! We were impressed. :)

It looks like you had a wonderful time with the children you watched! And I am sure that they very much enjoyed the time they spent with you. :)

Have you made any gains on the fleas? Lassie had fleas once . . . not fun.

Thank you for sharing all the photos! I enjoyed them!

Ashley said...

Lydia- Yes, Trevor is a hoot... if only he had been singing "White Christmas" while he hung off the ladder, it would've been perfect!! :o)
You know, I found that the only picture I managed to get of you was the one where y'all are out side the shop with Buck trying to get y'all to pet him! I couldn't beleive that! Oh well, I'm glad y'all had fun! :o)

Sarah- The progress is amazing isn't it?! I still haven't made it over there to see what has been done since Saturday but I'm sure it looks like it's done!
Fleas... I think we might have hit a happy medium so far. :o) Lila and Maggie don't seem to have them, Jasper still has a few so I'm giving the DE time to take care of those, and Buck still has many a flea. I'm still getting used to applying DE so hopefully his case will begin to wind down soon! Yes, fleas are not fun and we've had more than one infestation in the past, and I'm seriously hoping to avoid that!

Under Southern Skies said...

The second photo from the last, (the one of the girl reading to Sawyer) is so cute!

Lydia W. said...

Oh yeah! He should have been singing "White Christmas"! :-)
Well, I guess we'll have to get together again soon... then you can get another picture. :-)