Monday, September 1, 2008

Happenings at Trevor's

Trevor took most all of last week off from work in hopes that he could get some work done over at his house site. I don't know if he got everything done that he was hoping to as he had difficulties with the weather.

"The New Driveway"
He was able to borrow his boss' skid steer and used it to pull the Chinese Privet out from along the fence. As you can see, we had some rain... actually we had allot of rain, praise the Lord! We received in the neighborhood of two inches of rain this past week, which has really made a difference already! Tristan told me that it was so easy to dig the post holes with the auger Saturday as the ground was wet most all of the way down!

"A Row of Pecan Trees"
The new house site sits at the other end of these trees. Do you the Suburban? It's to the left of it. The area that the pecans trees are in is where an old house used to sit. There is what appears to be the remnants of a rock wall meandering through the trees which is rather neat!

"Work has Begun!"
Trevor didn't let the rain dampen his plans for getting the house site graded out Tuesday afternoon!

Do you like our red dirt?! It's amazing that anything will grow in it!
Today, Trevor will, hopefully, begin to dig the footers for the foundation! Sawyer will be in raptures of delight because "Tefor" will be home again (he's been gone since Friday) AND he will have a new piece of equipment to dig with!

Wednesday evening I was summoned over to Bull Run and told to bring the 'burb. The dump truck wouldn't start and they wanted to jump it, so I loaded "squeaky clean" Sawyer up and off we went! He loves being with Trevor, loves dirt, and loves BIG trucks! All he wanted to do was sit in the "Bi Twuck" and talk to Trevor! What a delight it is to see the younger boys wanting to be with the older ones!
Today promises to be a delightfully full and active day over at Bull Run! Have a wonderful Labor Day Holiday!


Sarah said...

You all have certainly been busy! And what a blessing that you received so much more rain! I am sure that things are looking quite a bit greener now. :)

Jess said...

like your blog, I got directed to it from I would love to know how to make soap and things for my family. I am taking baby steps to get there so as not to get too overwhelmed!

Ashley said...

Sarah- things are so much more greener now! We've had to mow the grass twice in the past week! I love looking out over the fields and seeing the new, bright, green grass peeking up over the brown dead grass!

Jess- Thank you for your comment! Soap making is a rewarding process that isn't very hard to do! I hope your efforts turn out well!