Friday, August 17, 2007

At Our House..

Living "way out in the country" we don't have to worry about unexpected guests. If by chance you did decide to drop in one day, this is what you might find.........

Driving up, this is what you would see at the back porch. Yes, that really is a hose that's running INTO the house!!!
If you were invited in........ notice tarp AND hose!!! What on earth is going on here???????
Ahhhhhhhhhhh. Now I understand! Yes, the hose was the only "economical and efficient way" that Sayre could come up with to fill his fish tank. He had caught several crawdads' at the creek and was making a new home for them.

Cleaning up. Everything was put back the way he found it!!! I must admit that Momma wasn't at home during this whole process. I'm not sure what she would've said, but I'm fairly certain that she would've laughed at us!! Ahhhh.... life is good!

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Mama said...

Soooo! That's what you folks have been doing in my absence!