Sunday, August 26, 2007

"A Time to Sow......

...and a Time to Reap". I am currently reaping what I sowed early this spring! As I have mentioned before, I planted several things from seed this spring and now I'm collecting seeds from them! It's so rewarding to be able to save what I've worked at growing!!

This is the Hummingbird Vine that I grew from seed. As you can see it's climbing all over the "arbor" that Tristan built for me out of cedar trees! The Hummingbirds are very attracted to it which is why one of the reasons that I planted it.

The Marigolds have put on quite a show this summer and have gotten so big!! They crowd the path is several areas. Once the flowers dry and the pods turn brown, they are ready to harvest. You can also harvest them when the pods are still green (flower has to be dried up though) and let them sit for several days before taking the seeds out.

My Love In a Puff is still growing like crazy and I really need to give it a "haircut". This is what the pods look like when they are ready to harvest. There are 3 little "ball" seeds inside; sometimes not all the seeds are developed enough or they seem to have mold- I don't save those. I have an over abundance of these seeds right now and am beginning to wonder why I'm saving them!!! I know that next spring, this plant will get a good amount of room plus a HUGE trellis to climb on!! I've learned my lesson!

After the red flowers are done blooming, they leave behind seed pods. When these turn brown you know they're ready to harvest! This will be a staple in next years garden!

This is my garden basket. Every afternoon I take it out with a dog leash, a pair of "clippers", and a good supply of marigolds to work on "de-seeding" (the bowl behind the basket is full of marigold seeds.)! I just finished up taking care of a whole basket of marigold seeds so I will be using it to carry echinacea heads, more Love In A Puff, and of course the ever present marigolds!! So..... how are your gardens producing???

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