Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Something From the Past

My Mom loves things from the past. She enjoys looking through the old ladies magazines to see how they lived, dressed, and acted back then! She has passed on a love for the old things to me, although I don't collect as avidly as she does! Several weekends ago Momma managed to talk Daddy, Trevor, and I into visiting the "Collectors Antique Mall" in Donald's. This place is huge with plenty of old books, clothes, and furniture to put her in "hog heaven"!!! This visit, Mom really did hit the jackpot!!!

She found this German made Child's Tea Set from the early 1900's !!! It was priced at $125, marked down to $49.95, and finally marked down to $14.95!!! We weren't really sure if this was for real, so she trooped back up to the front desk to find out!! Yes, it was really $14.95!

I hope you can see the designs... They have what I consider a "nursery rhyme" theme to them as I think of nursery rhymes when I see them. Here the Tea Pot, Cream, and Sugar are pictured. The sugar pot appears to have been dropped which made us wonder if that why the price was marked down. All the Designs are very clear and bright, and seem to be very well taken care of!

There are six cups and three saucers. Two cups have this design. The girl is carrying the kitten in her arms here.

There are six dessert plates of which three are in this design. Here, the children are trying to keep the dog away while they get the kitten down.

There are four cups with this design; a girl feeding the ducks.

Three more dessert plates with this design. I'm not really sure what's going on in this design; it's almost as if something has happened, but I'm not sure.

Mom was so excited to find this!! See, she started giving the Franco children Tea parties each time the came over; they actually became quite the highlight for her and the kids. She would make them tea and put some frosting on graham crackers for their crumpets. Tea parties have been non-existent since we moved, but I feel that they will begin again as soon as the Franco's drop in!!

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