Friday, August 3, 2007

Proverbs Thirty-One.....

Proverbs 31
For Young Girls
1. A virtuos girl is hard to find.
2. She is industrious with her hands. She makes things for herself and for other peole and is helpful at home without having to be asked.
3. She does not complain about her duties but does them with a cheerful heart, being careful not to build up resentment.
4. On her face is an expression of contentment and goodness.
5. She is not always whining and complaining or objecting.
6. She co-operates with her mother and does not contradict godly authorities.
7. You can not put a price on her worth, and she is called a real jewel by her family.
8. Her family loves and trusts her, and one of her is worth 10 more.
9. Her appearance is uplifting and others are happy to be around her because her clothes are beautiful, freshly laundered, and pressed. Her hair is clean and shiny and she is well groomed. She can probably be compared to some kind of flower, or "a summer day".
10. The words of her mouth are sweet also, filled with gratefulness, compliments, encouragement, and idealism. Her home is a beter place because of her.
11. She looks for ways to gain more knowledge about being a better person and home maker, and receives teaching gladly. Her friends call her unselfish and pure, and her parents tell others of her dedication at home.
12. Many daughters have done good things, but you are exceptional.
Written by
"Lady Lydia" Sherman
My Mom handed this out at one of our "Maiden of Virtues Study" about a year ago and I found my copy yesterday. I thought you might like to read it. It's a challenge to me as I know I have not attained much of anything that it lists. With the Lord as my guide I do hope to attain it.

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