Tuesday, August 7, 2007

One Way We Spend an Evening

We had excitement at our place yesterday evening!!! Around 6:00 Collin came running in and asks "Ashley, do you want to come help round some cows up that are on Murray Creek?" Of course I did!!! So off we went and we had a blast! Before I forget let me tell you about Murray Creek. Murray Creek is the name of a county road that just so happens to be dirt and is just down from our house. It runs through hunt club land and has no houses on it. There are two sets of ruts running down it that people get stuck in. Needless to say, it is not a road that is very often travelled by people living around here. It's a great attraction to Dirt Bikes, 4-wheelers, my brothers, and other off road equipment.

"Who Me???? You've got to be kidding. I'm NOT moooving"- This was one of the first cows we met and it was enjoying the kudzu a little to much.

This is the first bunch of cows that we herded in the gate. The calf on the right had been separated from his momma and was hungry. It kept trying to nurse as we were moving them.

"What's going on??? Why are you going over there?"-Thankfully, these cows were still inside their fence!! We were taking the loose ones to a field directly across from them. It was neat to hear them "talk" to each other. There was also a lame goat in with them that had horns that went two separate directions! Talk about interesting!

I like how the trees have grown over the road! The cows weren't hard to move as they were scared of us. All we had to do was walk behind them and make sure they didn't wander off.

This was the last set of cows for the evening. They really did walk in single file line for the majority of the time!! I am so glad that Collin came in and asked me to "help" them! What little herding I did was very fun!!! I guess Momma can get her cow now since us kids are experienced in herding them!! Till next time......

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